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6 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

6 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

6 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic


If you have a blog already, and you are looking for ways to increase your blog traffic, here is a brief guide to your blog success. 

Pro-tip: For the best results, master each tip and implement it as you continue posting on your blogpost. 

Always be strategic about your content 

One of the critical things that you need to keep in mind while you create content is knowing what your audience loves the most. Two of the content categories people often look for are a funny/cool or educational/useful blog. Choose one of those to start your content strategy in 2020. 

Use online forums to understand what your target audience is looking for. You can check out platforms like Buzzsumo or Quora and see what kind of questions are being discussed on it or try something even better. 

To know about the content style, check out some shocking statistics, rich storytelling ideas, and beautiful infographics. Your content should be significant enough that people would love to share and link to it. 

Create evergreen content

Do your best to create evergreen content. Evergreen content ensures you get consistent traffic and helps you achieve long term results. 

It lives forever on your web, engages your audience over time, and time will not make it irrelevant. For example, a blog post about the most significant movies from the 1990s will stay relevant every year. But if you are writing about Oscar nominations for the year 2020, it will remain irrelevant next year. 

Craft killer headlines

As a professional blogger, you must create consistent and kickass headlines. The first few are the most crucial, and you can either grab the reader’s attention through some kickass headlines, or your visitor will bounce back. It is the headlines that capture and brings more visitors to your website. 

An SEO company in Los Angeles suggests that the headlines of your blog are even more important than the actual blog content. Your content will die a quick death if it has great content that hides behind a shabby headline.

If it has some engaging content, more people will share it because often such content is a reflection of them. Don’t be afraid to play with different kinds of headlines. You can share the same blog post with different headlines and see which style works best for you.

An SEO company in Los Angeles suggests to hunt down your audience nest

Once your blog is ready, it is time to do strategic marketing. When it comes to marketing your blog, hunt down your audience nest, and spend your time strategically. While it is great to spend your time promoting your content across all social media channels, you will surely burn out trying to grab the attention of your audience. 

Dig deeper and find which social media channel works the best for you. For example, if your content is based on videos, then you can rely on YouTube. If it’s visual like images or graphics, then you can use Instagram, or if the content is more relevant to the corporate sector or professionals, then you can use LinkedIn. 

Find out where your target flock hangs outs and promote your target there. Remember, your audience is the key to building strong referrals links for the most relevant websites. 

Engage in discussions in Reddit and quora, and post links or comments when appropriate. There is a huge opportunity out there, but you can’t come off as spammy. 

Be a valuable member and share something of value. If someone is looking for how to treat anxiety, then come up with some tips that could help them in real and recommend some sources to watch or to do, or tell them any exercises that can help. 

Once you find your tribe, go all in 

Once you find your family, make it your focal point and go all in. While you can add some catchy headlines to the content, it can do some magic, but the SEO company in Los Angeles reveals that it is great to limit social sharing options. 

Studies show that most of the audience are happier with different options rather than having tens of options at the disposal. You can leverage by limiting your social sharing selection sites. 

Optimize your blog for both speed and mobile

Today customers are becoming less patient than before. If your blog is going to take longer to load, they are not going to wait. They will hit the back button and move the next page in line even before you can flip a flapjack. 

Use Google’s Page Speed Insights to check your page speed. It will give you a speed score and the suggestions you need to improve it further.