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A.I. Can Help Cope-Up With COVID-19 Crisis

A.I. Can Help Cope-Up With COVID-19 Crisis

A.I. Can Help Cope-Up With COVID-19 Crisis


As a Los Angeles SEO company, we realize how critical is the inclusion of A.I. for your business success both online and offline. During the recent years, A.I. has got some of the bad reputations as it laid off so many workers. It has also caused a lack of human touch-empathy and emotional intelligence. However, the good news is A.I. has done more good than bad. Some of the significant aspect where A.I. plays a critical role includes: 

  • Precision, accuracy, and efficiency
  • Increase patient face time
  • Decreased workload 
  • Increase time on significant cases 
  • Better monitoring 
  • Saving money 

AI is an integral part of medicine today, particularly in a situation like COVID-19. As a Los Angeles SEO company, we understand the fact that A.I. will not only be a key factor for ranking, but it will play a critical role in the future in the healthcare industry. Therefore, the medical specialist and paramedic staff should be trained regarding the applicability of the A.I. and how to incorporate it in a workspace for better health care and productivity. The primary care physicians need to familiarize themselves with future A.I. advances and the new avenues in the world of health. The goal is to strengthen primary care by effectively using A.I. and automation. It is important because A.I. is almost replacing humans in the field of medicine. 

A.I. better identifies health problems with extra attention

A.I. plays a significant role in almost every aspect of primary care in the public health sector. It better identifies patients who need personalized protocol and extra attention. It also helps you take notes with precision, analyze the discussion with patients, and directly enter information to the EHR system. 

According to some reports, the A.I. systems outperformed dermatologists to classify the suspicious skin lesions precisely. It can analyze, identify, and monitor multiple cases within a few minutes; in this way, a clinician could evaluate more cases than he could do in one mortal lifetime. 

DeepMind introduced AlphaFold to test COVID

In a situation like COVID-19, A.I. is playing a more critical role than ever before. The teams at Google DeepMind, Allen Institute for AI, and Blue Dot are creating A.I. and are sharing it with the global scientific community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, AI can be used to find a vaccine. There are two significant roles A.I. provides, and it understands the protein structures which help medical researchers with the vital role.  DeepMind introduced AlphaFold in January 2020, which is a cutting-edge system that forecasts the 3D structure. Later it was put to test COVID in March 2020. 

Today, despite the burst of the activity, A.I. is far from a silver bullet to cope up with the COVID-19. For effective and efficient results, modern A.I. needs large amounts of data sets that are not available. Even if it was available, human judgment is required to analyze the sophisticated patterns of A.I.. 

While the A.I. community is putting continuous efforts to fight COVID-19, it has turned out to be a powerful tool to process massive amounts of data. We need to understand the following aspects of AI:

  • If AI is applied creatively, it can help us address coronavirus 
  • It is up to humans to innovate and identify the new ways to leverage AI 

Collaboration is the key 

The only way to succeed in these unprecedented times is to collaborate with the A.I. community to get better results. The efforts to leverage A.I. will be effective only if all the entities who are playing their part to cope up with COVID work together. Data scientists play a critical role because they know what A.I. can do and what it can’t. Plus, the inclusion of the domain experts will help better understand the problem and whether the past data can still be relevant today. Different people need to play their part together and think out of the box to move beyond assumptions and see surprising results. 

So it’s not just the SEO, but A.I. has helped health experts in Los Angeles to identify the issues.