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An In-Depth Look At Social Media And SEO

An In-Depth Look At Social Media And SEO

An In-Depth Look At Social Media And SEO


Los Angeles companies should have long since concluded that they need to use social media if they want to reach the most people. Those that have may have hired an SEO company to run their platforms for them.


The reason for this is not only because social media optimization is one of the services that most SEO companies offer. It is also because there’s an undeniable connection between social media and SEO that we will now take a moment to consider.


How SEO Ties Into Social Media


Most Los Angeles companies probably already know that they need to try and reach out to customers via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or wherever else it is that those who are interested in their niche like to spend their time. It is the job of an SEO company to try and figure out what sorts of messages those people are going to enjoy, and which ones will entice them to visit your website.


The problem comes about when everything related to your social media is working, but your website isn’t optimized.


Let’s say that someone liked an infographic that you posted on your Facebook feed, and they thought they’d go to your website to learn a little more about your company and products. When they got there, they found that your site featured an outdated theme. It was difficult to navigate. The font wasn’t appropriate for what you were selling, and there were lots of irritating pop-up ads.


All of this would probably make the potential customer leave as fast as they were able to do so. The point we’re making is that social media usage is only as good as the company website that’s behind it.


When you’re selecting the agency in Los Angeles that you want to use, you need to be sure that their skill set includes both the ability to optimize websites and also how to use all the different social media platforms. That’s in addition to other SEO basics like the use of analytics tools, the ability to do some A/B testing of your ads, and the knowledge of how to find long-tail keywords that will help you get website interaction.


Social media and SEO are equally critical when it comes to generating sales. It’s tough for one to exist without the other, at least if you want to tap into the broadest range of potential customers. When you’re aiming to hire an SEO company in Los Angeles, keep this in mind, and be sure to question the companies that you are considering about their capability in both areas.