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Attracting Small and Midsize Business Prospects Through Los Angeles SEO

Attracting Small and Midsize Business Prospects Through Los Angeles SEO

Attracting Small and Midsize Business Prospects Through Los Angeles SEO


Getting hooked with a potential client is often considered the easiest part of the job. It is the final step of closing the deal that matters, however, which is more than a little tricky. 

Whether you’re in a broad market or a niche market, competition is going to be inevitable, so you need to speak in a way and present an offer in a manner that makes it quite difficult for your leads to refuse. 

Here we shall go over how you can accomplish this so that your small to midsize business can thrive in ways that you aspire while using the fundamentals of Los Angeles SEO

What makes you stand out

Regarding your competition, you need to find a way to make your company rise above the rest. Maybe you don’t have as many resources or funds as them, but other companies or individuals have beaten such odds before. The key is to be unique and how you can sell that remarkable diversity to your potential clients. Consulting with your colleagues and employees to find out how your company can stand out compared to the competition is a great way to start. Once you are armed with the information, it is up to you to act on it. Think of keywords that make your company stand out, much like in SEO, to get your customers’ attention.  

Being Personable Matters

When customers are looking for consultation or seeking the kind of service you sell, they aren’t looking for someone who will talk robotically to them or pitch them a generic sales pitch. They are looking for someone who can connect with them personally to put them at ease and establish their trust. To build that bridge of trust, find out what they want or need and how you can best help them. When you come up with solutions that best fit their issues, it’ll show that you care about them much more than the average company, which could give you a bigger chance of winning them over.

Follow Up

Even if you feel the conversation went stupendously, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take the time to make sure that you can seal the deal. Sometimes, sending a follow-up message in the form of an email or text message can go a long way in making a lasting impression on your hot leads. You may provide an extra offer or a freebie to improve their mood and their view of you and your company even further. Take advantage of such perks to win them over and increase that bridge of trust until it is no longer made of proverbial wood but hammered of steel and not easily broken. 


Making yourself seem approachable is a stratagem to opt for when conversing with potential prospects and clients for your SMBS. With Los Angeles SEO ideas in mind and that bridge of trust you can establish, you’ll have a sure recipe for success.