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Automation Hacks for Content Marketers

Automation Hacks for Content Marketers

Automation Hacks for Content Marketers


Whereas most of the marketers are putting their efforts to craft the best SEO strategy, there is a tremendous number of content marketers out there. If you are reading this, chances are you are already a content marketer, or you aspire to be a digital marketer. Over the past few years, automation has taken over the content marketing circle. If you need SEO services, reach out to the nearest SEO company Los Angeles

Automation is a new trend in digital marketing. If you have been thinking that it’s just another fad that will die out soon, then you need to think again.  Statistics show that the marketing automation sector has increased from worth $3.65 during 2014 billion to $5.5 billion in 2019. That being said, most of the small and large businesses adopt marketing automation because it is efficient and needs less time and efforts. 

Marketing automation also allows sound decision making, while allowing all the marketers to implement viable strategies within their limited resources. Automation will enable marketers to achieve great customization, resulting in better customer experience. 

You can use marketing automation to drive engagement and boost ROI at various stages of your content campaigns and social media. Let’s dig deeper into the automation hacks for content marketers. 

Content creation automation 

It’s a fact. Advanced technology allows you to write all your content by a computer program. Although technology is super sophisticated, the automated content lacks insight and depth. 

Many applications make content creation a lot easier than ever before, but they do not establish you as a thought-leader in the industry. I know it is a huge concern for most of the businesses out there. 

Content automation may not be the best idea as a whole, but yes, there are several things you can automate to save your time and money. The most challenging and critical aspect of your content development is ideation. The content that you create should not only be relevant to your specific industry, but it should be an interesting creation to engage the audience. The content you create should also deliver value. 

Automation in content curation 

Content curation is a must if you are trying to build a strong social media presence. There is an unprecedented growth in content consumption since the rise of social media over the past decades. Brands and businesses are relying solely on social media content creation to meet targets. Social media content curation assists in staying relevant and visible in the fast-paced social world. 

Manual content curation is a dreadful process, particularly if you are managing multiple social media accounts. Content curation automation can help you save time and effort while staying consistent, up to date, and consistent. 

In several cases, your content is seen and read based on the keyword search. Using specific keywords in your content significantly change the engagement rate of the content that you share. Review your posts before you could set your tool on auto-pilot. If you do not review the content, you may end up sharing posts that do not reflect your brand voice. Content automation will work in favor of your business, only if you review all the posts before you could schedule them. The number of businesses that use automation tools is rising every year. 

Various automation tools like DrumUp and Hootsuite will assist you in streamlining all your social media activities and significantly saves your time and efforts. All you have to do is to go through the content that is recommended and add the one you like to the tool. Now pick the one you want the most and share with your audience. 

You can post or schedule that specific piece of content to multiple accounts. You can also add images and the hashtags and choose a custom time for publishing content. 

Automation in content distribution 

One of the essential aspects of your content marketing strategy is a thoughtful distribution of content across all platforms. A thoughtful distribution ensures your content reaches to the right people and at the right time. You can distribute your content to different forums and social media platforms. Post your content when most of your audience is online. Use social media insights to find out which time is best for content distribution. 

Even the most engaging piece of content will remain undiscovered without a holistic content distribution plan. You may have very well optimized your content, but if you do not publish your content through an integral approach, all your content will remain unseen. You need to step up and move beyond all the old SEO tactics and publish your content online to ensure the ease of access to all of it. Reach out the local SEO company Los Angeles to get the recommended strategy for your business. 

When you are planning out content distribution, you should consider owned media, earned media as well as paid media. Social media, newsletters, ads, and email subscriptions hold tremendous value in amplifying your content. You can use tools like MailChimp, which will ensure your content is distributed to the right audience at once. Automation is imperative if you want your content to reach out to thousands of people. 

If you are based in Los Angeles, and you have been putting your efforts entirely in SEO, then it’s time to think again because content marketing is taking over the digital world as well. 

Given the highly competitive market, the main question is not really whether you use content automation tools, but the question is how well do you use the content automation that makes all the difference. 

So which tool you have been using for content automation lately? Let us know!