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Be Aware Of These Facebook Ad Targeting Options

Be Aware Of These Facebook Ad Targeting Options

Be Aware Of These Facebook Ad Targeting Options


Your Facebook ad campaign might have gotten off to a slow start, Los Angeles businesses, and if that’s the case, we know how frustrating it can be. You or your SEO company devoted both time and money to it, and you want fantastic results right away. If that’s not happening, you need to look at various analytical factors to figure out where you can improve. You might see better results if you know how to target your niche better. Here are some ways to do that.


The Audience Section of Ads Manager


If you or your SEO company goes to the “audience” section of ads manager, you’ll find several fascinating features that can help your targeting efforts, Los Angeles. You can create a new Custom Audience and then go to the “Engagement” option. The following choices are all available there.


Video Behavior Remarketing


If you go to the Video section of Engagement, you’ll see a drop-down screen with several options. You can select things like “people who have watched at least 3 seconds of your videos,” or “people who have watched at least 10 seconds of your videos.” You can select whatever you feel is most appropriate. You set up these criteria, and through them, you’ll create a content funnel based on behavior in which the customer has already engaged.


Let’s say that you picked “people who have watched at least 50% of one of your videos.” You can then follow that with a carousel ad of your products that were featured in that video. If you wanted to promote more content, you could follow up that video with a Part 2, and then feature something sales-focused at the end of that second video.


Lead Ad Engagement


Lead ads are a way for you to build up your email list, and the cost to you is minimal. Through these ads, you can the names, emails, and other relevant data from potential customers. Based on someone interacting with your lead ad unit, there are several Engagement options on Facebook, Los Angeles, and you or your SEO company can take advantage of them.


You can create a Custom Audience, for instance, based on whichever people opened up one of your forms. You can remarket to those who opened up the form but didn’t fill it out. For users who opened and submitted a form, maybe you’ll have a different message that is more sales-oriented and focused.


When you do things like create lookalike audiences and target those who interacted with your ads, it makes conversions much more likely, Los Angeles. If you don’t get the numbers you want right off the bat, you or your SEO company can go back and modify your campaign. Fine tuning of this nature is often what is required to go from a failure to a resounding success.