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Check Out The Local Ranking Signals

Check Out The Local Ranking Signals

Check Out The Local Ranking Signals


Local SEO means a lot for Los Angeles businesses. If you attend to yours the way you should, it means a better chance of getting to the top of the SERPs. If your aim is to grab one of those coveted spots, you or an SEO company will need to look at every one of these following areas. Google uses each one as a ranking signal.


Review Site Listings


You should claim the listing for your business on review sites. It lends some credibility to your online presence.


The ones you should look into include Yelp, BBB, Angie’s List, and Glassdoor. Reviews directly on Google probably carry the most weight as a ranking signal, but all of these other sites also matter.


Look at Your Reviews


You want to have as many reviews as possible on as many sites as possible, but you also want those reviews to be positive. If your business is reviewed often, Los Angeles, but most of those reviews are negative, it’s not going to do you any favors.


To change any negative reviews, your SEO company will need to reach out to the individual who left them. Try to resolve whatever issue they had with the service or product they received from you.


You should also keep in mind that it is against Google’s policy for you to ask for positive reviews of your business. If they can prove this sort of solicitation on your part, they will penalize you by dropping your site in the SERPs.


The Content of the Reviews


If someone posts a glowing review of your business somewhere online, it helps your ranking, but it’s even more helpful if they mention keywords in their review having to do with your locale.


You might not be able to solicit reviews of this nature, but there is nothing to stop you from featuring them on your website, provided that you get the okay from the person who wrote it.


Reach out and ask them if they’re alright with you using their review as a testimonial. Most of them should say yes.


Local SEO is one of those things that you must approach meticulously, Los Angeles, if you intend on competing with the other businesses in your niche. Your SEO company should be aware of all of these local SEO ranking signals, and the many others that exist as well.