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Curious on How to Hire an SEO Company? Here’s How.

Curious on How to Hire an SEO Company? Here’s How.

Curious on How to Hire an SEO Company? Here’s How.


SEO is taking the marketing world by storm. Digital marketers everywhere can tell you what SEO is and its importance pertaining to the growth of businesses. However, the story might be a little different for business owners who are unfamiliar with digital marketing. There are many business owners in this boat; those who understand how important it is to rank on the first couple pages of a search engine, but fail to know how to go about hiring an SEO company that will optimize their business and popularize their online presence. If this sounds like you, keep reading to figure out the process of hiring an SEO company for your own business according to Drive Traffic Media, a Los Angeles SEO company.

First things first, webmasters are those who are in charge of overseeing a specific website. Consequently, they are also the ones tasked with hiring an SEO company. What these webmasters will often use to aid them in their functions is the free web service tool provided by Google called Google Search Console. This service provides a wide range of free analytics and resources tools, one of which will most definitely help you in your search for the perfect SEO company. 

The tool in question is an informative YouTube video that the Google Search Console has uploaded to their channel, which outlines the process of hiring an SEO company in an easy and simple way. Suffice to say, it can be incredibly useful to business owners looking to learn more about the subject. During the video, Maile Ohye, the Google Developer Programs Tech Lead, gives personal insider advice for how to potentially hire an SEO company, as well as list helpful changes websites can make to benefit their searcher experience.

If you want an even shorter rundown of the process, here it is. Let’s start with the basics. “SEO” or Search Engine Optimization, is defined at its most simplest as the process of analyzing a business’s traffic and search results on various popular search engines, like Bing, Yahoo and Google. Overall, it revolves around the act of informing these search engines on what your business is about in exchange for a better ranking on their search pages. There are many strategies and methods, some more complicated and technical than others, that may be employed in an SEO campaign, but these more advanced approaches are best left to digital marketing agencies who are familiar with such methods.To secure an improvement in search engine rankings, your online presence has to be consistently active and of high quality. Eventually, the search engines will find your content, if it is relevant, and rank it. Content is usually generated by two main roles: the copywriter and the Project Manager. The copywriter is the one who is tasked with writing the content itself while the Project Manager strategizes the content. For this reason, it is very important for Project Managers to be skilled and have experience on what content is necessary in order to get results and sufficiently heighten  search engine ranking for certain significant keywords. 

It’s important to note that patience in the world of SEO is a virtue. As noted by the Google Search Console, you will need to wait 4 months to a full year to see any significant impact from SEOs on your business. Here’s one final reminder to check out the Google Search Console’s YouTube video if you are truly curious about the process and learning how to hire an SEO company. Without further ado, here’s the whole process boiled down into 4 simple steps according to the Google Search Console: 

Step 1: Find an SEO company you’re interested in and set up an interview with them 

Step 2: Get some insight on the company. Check their reviews as well as their references 

Step 3: Don’t forget to ask the company for several audits 

-Audit Structure

-Technical Audit

-Search Audit

Step 4: Make a decision! Figure out if you trust the company and if you’d like to hire them as your SEO experts. 

There are many expert Los Angeles SEO companies such as Drive Traffic Media who would be more than happy to improve your analytics and boost business. It may be a daunting search at first, given all your options, but using these 4 short steps and your own discretion about what’s best for your company, you’ll find one in no time. Happy hunting!