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Does Your Los Angeles SEO Company Know How To Help You with Email Marketing?

Does Your Los Angeles SEO Company Know How To Help You with Email Marketing?

Does Your Los Angeles SEO Company Know How To Help You with Email Marketing?


There are many ways that a Los Angeles SEO company can conceivably help you, and the best ones are those who are experts in social media management, website design, and crafting PPC ad campaigns, among other things. Today, though, we wanted to talk about email marketing, and how an SEO company can assist you in that area.

Email marketing can be tricky if you’ve never done it before, Los Angeles. Many companies are hesitant to get started with it because they realize that if the messages they send to the individuals on their list are not to their liking, the recipients might not just ignore them. They might decide to opt out of the mailing list if they find them objectionable enough. However, if your SEO company follows these simple rules, there’s little chance of that happening.

Layout Rules

When your SEO agency crafts your email messages, they need to pay attention to the formatting. The content should be concise, getting to the point of what they want to say quickly, since most people’s attention spans are not particularly long.

The email should not seem cluttered. That means that there should be appropriate spacing between the images and each block of text. You may wish to look at an example of an email that your agency plans on sending out before you give them the green light. Is there anything about the aesthetics of it that is not working for you? Remember, you’re in charge of this campaign, so if you want something changed, you have final veto power.

Use Accepted Fonts

Your Los Angeles SEO company also needs to understand that getting too adventurous with the fonts in their email offerings is not usually a recipe for success. Georgia, Calibri, Times New Roman, or Arial are all acceptable. Anything other than that is going to look less than professional.

Use Simple Language

Your SEO company also needs to pay close attention to the word choices in their emails. Simplicity is going to be better than leaving potential customers scratching their heads in bafflement. This is a sales pitch, not a novel or a graduate-level thesis. You’re trying to convey in the most straightforward terms what your company has to offer, and why a person will want it.

If your Los Angeles SEO company follows these rules, then they should do fine. Look at a few examples of the emails that they plan on sending out, and if they look good to you, then go ahead and get started. If any of them don’t seem to be getting the engagement that you wanted, then in the next batch you can correct any mistakes.