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Does Your SEO Company Know How to Create Compelling Visual Content for Your Social Media?

Does Your SEO Company Know How to Create Compelling Visual Content for Your Social Media?

Does Your SEO Company Know How to Create Compelling Visual Content for Your Social Media?


For some Los Angeles businesses that are inexperienced in this area, getting the most productive use from your social media can be mystifying at best, and downright infuriating at worst. You know that other companies have found success through social media in getting the word out about their products and services, and you know that they’ve cracked the code behind using social media as a way to promote brand loyalty. But you haven’t yet figured out how to get those results, though, and it feels like you’re falling behind.

If this sounds familiar, then the time has probably come to contact an SEO company. A full-service, multifaceted SEO company should be able to not only optimize your website but also to run your social media accounts and start to get you those increased numbers of followers that will eventually lead to sales.

But how do you select the right SEO company? There are all kinds of questions that you can ask them about their previous successes in the industry, but here’s an important one that you can’t afford to gloss over. You need to ask them about whether they have what it takes to create some compelling visual elements for your social media feeds.

Visual Elements and Social Media

When talking about visual elements and social media, Los Angeles businesses, we’re talking about such things as pictures, videos, and also gifs, cartoons, charts and graphs, or anything else that goes beyond text. Does a visual element matter with social media? You bet it does. Many studies have concluded that social media posts, regardless of the platform, that incorporate a visual element get higher engagement levels.

Different Kinds of Visual Elements

So, what kinds of visual elements are likely to get people to notice your company for the right reasons? It’s not a simple question to answer, and it’s so complicated because different demographics respond better to different sorts of pictures, videos, etc. Part of what your Los Angeles SEO company will need to do for you is to determine what kinds of things your niche will most want to see, and then they can get to work on creating them.

Original Content

Probably the best advice we can give to the question of “what will my niche best respond to” is that original content often works better than repurposed content. Let’s say that your company makes in-line skates for adolescents. Your SEO company may think that it’s sufficient to get some stock pictures of smiling kids wearing in-line skates to put up on your Pinterest or your Twitter profile.

Regardless of what platforms you’re using, though, if you have original images of people using your products, then you’re likely to get better results, provided that those images are of professional quality. Because of this, when you’re interviewing the representatives from SEO companies in Los Angeles that you are considering hiring, you should go out of your way to ask them about their photography and video-making capabilities. The better companies should be experts in these areas, or they aren’t likely to be able to do much good for you.

The Best Pictures and Videos

The pictures that an SEO company takes for you should be clear, colorful, and artistic. They should adequately convey the mood that you are trying to create regarding your services and products.

If you’re a company that makes backpacks and hiking boots, then the images on your social media feeds should be imbued with a spirit of adventure. If you’re a company that makes products that are kooky and fun, your pictures must try to get that across. The images that you feature set the tone that you want for your company just as much as the text that accompanies them.

As far as videos go, you have even more of a chance there to show what your company is all about. You can feature your products and services in action, and your narration can explain why a consumer needs them in their lives. You might want videos of the products being produced, or you might choose to focus on how some of your employees are getting out and interacting with the community.

It’s even to your advantage if your SEO company knows a bit about animation. You might decide that a cartoon spokesperson for your company is going to be what most appeals to your niche.

Whatever you come up with, it’s your Los Angeles SEO company that you’re going to rely on to bring your ideas from the storyboard stage to life via picture and video. This will spice up your social media in such a way that it will be much more difficult to ignore. A tweet that is only text might not be what it takes to get you followers and sales. If every one of your pictures and videos is being talked about by your niche because of their innovative qualities, then you’re going to gain notoriety quickly.

Going Viral

There is no perfect formula for getting any of your social media posts to go viral, but it happens more often with those that have a visual element, and that is no coincidence. An image or video that captures the imagination or presents some new concept is the sort of thing that people like talking about and engaging with, and it’s up to you and your SEO company to make that happen for your business.

Just one of your posts going viral can propel you into a different sphere of popularity, so do all that you can to make it happen. It’s likely the first step is going to be engaging the services of the right SEO company, so start the interview process without delay if you haven’t done so yet. If you want to stay afloat in the cutthroat world of Los Angeles commerce, you’re going to need every edge that you can get.