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Finding Untapped SEO Techniques

Finding Untapped SEO Techniques

Finding Untapped SEO Techniques

Many Los Angeles businesses have found success with an internet marketing agency even beyond what they hoped might occur. That’s because if you pick the right agency, they’ll bring techniques for optimization to the table that you might not previously have considered. If you decide to do your optimization in-house, you’ll need to be sure that you’re using the most up-to-date techniques, and that includes keyword research that reveals the terms for which customers in your niche are currently searching. You probably know that there are analytics tools that can show some of these keywords. But have you considered Reddit, the so-called “front page of the internet?”

Los Angeles Companies Should Consider Reddit For SEO

Reddit Can Be An Ally In Your SEO Endeavors


Reddit can be more to you than a place to go for the latest funny cat videos, Los Angeles. It’s also where you can go hunting for long-tail keywords that can be so valuable for generating organic traffic. This is how you do it. First, go to a subReddit that has to do with your niche. If you don’t know about one already, then you can search for your topic and see what subReddits and threads show up. Then, scan the threads for words and phrases that appear again and again. It’s possible that some of them might already be on your radar, but some of them might have escaped your notice, and these are SEO gold. You already know for a fact that they are of interest to your audience because you’re seeing direct evidence that they are currently under discussion.


Because you’re getting out among your niche and seeing in real time what is on their minds, you’re getting market research for free that you’d otherwise probably have to pay for out of your ad budget. If you like, you can create an account on Reddit for your brand, and you can comment to try and establish your expertise in the area in question. Or, if you want to hang back and not engage directly, you can still harvest those long-tail keywords that will be useful not just in places like product descriptions. You can also use them as jumping off points for blogs that you can write, because again, you know that these are perfect subjects. Attracting viewers to your blogs can be just as effective of a technique as getting them to your product pages.


For SEO, it’s best to try and be creative and think outside the box, and Reddit is just one place where Los Angeles businesses can go to figure out what their customers want and need. If you can answer their questions and concerns, then they’ll begin to trust you and recognize your brand, and buying your products will be the next logical step.