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Google Correlate Is The SEO Tool You Should Be Using

Google Correlate Is The SEO Tool You Should Be Using

Google Correlate Is The SEO Tool You Should Be Using

In an industry where new tools and SEO strategies seem to be coming out all the time, it can be difficult to know what you should be using and what you should discard, Los Angeles. After all, if every tool promises fabulous optimization potential, then you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to figure out how to use them all. The fact is, some tools, platforms, and strategies work better for some than they do for others. Here’s a Google feature that you may have heard of but never tried: Google Correlate. Once you learn a little more about it, you may want to add it to your SEO arsenal.


What Is It?


Google Correlate is a way of uncovering keywords that have similar regional search patterns or time-based patterns to search queries. In other words, it can detect what keywords are liable to be used based on local geography and time of the day. Because of that, this can be a useful tool when it comes to local SEO. If you have a physical location, Los Angeles, you know how essential local SEO is in driving traffic not just to your website, but also through your doors.


How To Use It


The best way to use Google Correlate is by modifying your search on its homepage. Do you want to search by a time-based correlation, or would you rather search by US state? You can upload your data to try and confirm what you suspect a good keyword might be, or you can type in a query and try to generate some new ones.


Keyword searches with this tool are straightforward, Los Angeles. You type in the keyword and press “search correlations,” and you’ll get a list of correlating terms based on the criteria you established. The first ten words that it shows will have the highest correlation to the original word. If you want words that correlate less you can hit “show more,” and it will show you another ten words. This can be a useful way of finding terms within your niche that you can potentially use in your content that you might not have previously considered. You can get up to a hundred correlating words, though they become less obviously related the further down the list you go.  


There are other ways of using this tool. You can generate a spreadsheet of correlating words from an original keyword, and you might find that more to your liking. Just like most Google functions, you can take the time and become a master of all of the most minute features if you so desire. The point is how much time you want to dedicate to learning about it and how much benefit you’re getting from it, Los Angeles. If you find it to be another keyword tool that is helpful for your SEO purposes, then so much the better. You’re always going to need ways of coming up with more keywords, so we’re happy to point you toward this one.