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How A Convenient Web Design Can Aid Your SEO Efforts

How A Convenient Web Design Can Aid Your SEO Efforts

How A Convenient Web Design Can Aid Your SEO Efforts


When you design a website to make it as Los Angeles SEO-friendly as possible, there are a few factors that you need to consider. Your website needs to be convenient in order for it to play well in the SEO game with your competitors. You need to set up your website in a manner that is striking yet search engine-friendly, concise but has enough content. 

Here we shall discuss the finer points of web design so that you can make your web pages the best that you can possibly make them for your users and for SEO purposes. 

Internal Links

Internal links are the arteries of your site, connecting the web pages to one another in such a fashion that Google and other search engines will have an easy way of connecting all of your content together despite not all being on the same web page. It’s a method of ensuring that all of your content can be viewed in its entirety, especially when the web crawlers move through your site to index it. With that said, you need to make sure that the internal links are worth searching through. Otherwise, Google will penalize your site and list it as toxic and not worth visiting.


To make your site as professional as possible, you need to simplify things. The less complicated you make the menu and navigation for your site, the easier you and your users can access everything. Add a navigation bar for easy access to those different areas on your site, and you’ll be golden not only to your viewers but also to the spider bots that will index everything.


The navigation and orderly placement of your site’s internal links will mean nothing if the site is not fast enough. If your web pages don’t load quickly enough, the attention span of your users will run thin and will ruin their experience altogether. To prevent this from happening, keep your web design simple. The simpler it is, the easier it is for your web pages to load quickly. Also, make sure to compress and adjust your website images or pictures so that they take up less time to load and don’t affect the overall speed of your pages. 


The manner through which your viewers can navigate their way through your site easily will determine how successful your web design is. The more you make it convenient for them, the more they’ll appreciate the site and the work you put into it. On the other hand, search engines will show their appreciation by indexing you high on the Los Angeles search lists, thanks to how well you’ve organized your website is and how efficient your design is by adhering to the SEO rules.