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How AI is used in SEO

How AI is used in SEO

How AI is used in SEO


Lately, SEO is getting the recognition which it deserves. Due to this, most of the businesses and brands are demanding SEO strategies backed by AI more than ever- this makes artificial intelligence a necessity. 

Whether you know it or not, the most popular search engine depends on artificial intelligence to give relevant answers to the users. Apart from this, all the search engines use deep learning, machine learning, and sophisticated AI to predict the most pertinent queries to users. If you are an avid digital marketer, then you should realize that search engines do not reveal how AI works precisely, but they give little clues. 

Given this fact, whether you care for artificial intelligence or not, it has a very significant effect on how your brand and content are ranked in search engines. AI also dictates how search engines categorize and read content on your website. 

Furthermore: the relationship between AI and voice search cannot be ignored. Voice search is particularly becoming prevalent because it relies on all the AI technologies. Today marketers need to know where to start when they want to incorporate. 

The following are the most significant areas where AI plays a critical role. 

Text and Voice Search

According to Los Angeles SEO professionals, all the major search engines rely on AI to provide answers to the most relevant queries. They use deep learning, machine learning, and sophisticated AI to process searches to give the users the best results and predict answers that will satisfy them. Search engines do not always reveal how they use these sophisticated tools to provide the most relevant answers. 

The growing bond between AI and voice search needs to be addressed as well. Voice search depends on technologies like natural language generation and processing to function. Given this, businesses need to rethink their digital presence and how they connect with their target customers. 

Keyword research, topic discovery, and content optimization

In this highly competitive market, figuring out what phrases, words, and searches to optimize for is truly challenging, but Los Angeles SEO strategists make it easier. The good news, AI tools are going to make the process easier. These tools excel in finding the high volume of data sets with corresponding search volume. 

Tools like BrightEdget, Frase, and MarketMuse offer suggestions on which content can be easily ranked in search engines. All these tools use AI-backed technology to optimize the existing content so that it gets better ranked for queries. 

As a marketer, you can do all these things every day manually. It’s possible you can do better, and you might even enjoy doing it. But the truth is a machine can do this at scale, far faster and often better than a human being. 

Local search 

Getting ranked in local search engine is not always easy. If you fail to get your business ranked accurately in a local search engine, it will ultimately kill your business within your specific geographical area. If this is something relatable, then AI is great for solving this kind of issue. 

Sophisticated platforms like Yext ensure your business listing across search engines at different locations. Not only this, people can search it using voice. 

Pillar page and topic cluster creation

Recently, creating pillar pages and topic clusters has become popular among marketers. These systems assist businesses to own entire topic areas by a cluster of content on all relevant search terms in a specific category. The process is easier as AI is deployed to streamline this strategy. 

HubSpot uses sophisticated AI and machine learning to identify the themes that are relevant to your content. Plus, it suggests how to build the perfect pillar strategy to get the required search traffic. 

How to get started with AI in SEO

If you are planning to incorporate AI into your SEO strategy, it will help you reduce costs and increase revenues. That means that no matter your comfort and skill level, you should plan to get started with AI and machine learning now. 

So the good news is, there are several ways AI can accelerate your career and your business. Make sure you rethink your digital marketing strategy as the new year starts so that you can scale your business to the next level. 

Still wondering what the best AI tools are? Reach out to Los Angeles SEO professionals.