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How Does Serpstat Stand Up?

How Does Serpstat Stand Up?

How Does Serpstat Stand Up?


Over time digital marketing teams are being glued together by more and more tools that we use. From social media management to influencer marketing to search engine optimization, there is a tool for everything. SEO Los Angeles can help you find the best one for you. 

But if you are like me, you will want to audit your toolset from time to time. Maybe you need to know better or more affordable tools on the market? In terms of SEO research tools, most agents and evolving marketing teams rely on SEMrush and Ahrefs.

While both tools are very useful and powerful, more and more SEOs are turning to newer alternatives to help them leverage their search marketing efforts. 

One of the tools is Serpstat – an integrated SEO tool. SEO Los Angeles highly recommends it. 

The tool is one of the newest tools on the market and is rapidly attracting community users due to its powerful API and critical features such as a large keyword and domain name database.


It goes without saying; the Serpstat platform is very comprehensive and easy to use with a range of features.  

The database size of Serpstat is amazing. It became the first tool to bring together the foundations of all existing Google regions, and is spread across 230 countries and can cover up to 4.2 billion keywords!

You can also analyze PPC rankings with the help of Serpstat. SEO Los Angeles reveals that Serpstat stores over 200 million competitor ads in its database for analysis and comparison.

The core functions of Serpstat are:

•    Keyword research

•    Backlink analysis

•    Rank tracker

•    Competitor research

•    On-site audit

•    Keyword clustering and text analysis

•    API integration

•    Looking at keyword research

The Serpstat team has gathered all the necessary keyword analysis tools in one place. Here are some features that can improve your keyword performance:

Related Keywords – This helps you extend your keyword list with semantically linked keywords.

The search suggestions and questions – It can help you understand what your target audience is searching for and expand your keyword list.

Top Pages – It highlights the sites currently ranked for the selected keywords so you can analyze and plan for keywords that should be optimized for your website.

Missing keywords – This highlights competitors’ high page ranks (ranked in the top 10) but missed essential keywords. The feature of Serpstat is only handy and profitable in the tough and competitive vertical industry.

Keyword Difficulty – Sounds like this feature lets you know how difficult it is to rank a given keyword. Serpstat’s team developed its algorithm to determine the difficulty of the keyword, which I saw, was the most accurate tools.

Keyword Research Filter – At the top of the results page, you can filter your keywords by a range of different customized and targeting filters.

Keyword Clustering – With Serpstat, you can group keywords by subject, intent, and meaning. It will help you understand the user intent behind the keyword phrase and ensure that your site attracts the right type of traffic.

Text Analysis – Another unique and handy feature of the Serpstat keyword research tool is content analysis. You can analyze the text content of your website and competitors. The feature helps you optimize the content on your site to rank the entire keyword cluster, not just a single phrase.

A key feature of Serpstat is that you can conduct competitor research at many different levels.

Tracking your top 100 competitors, the tool maintains a very convenient list of commonly used keywords.

With domain and domain comparisons, you can also analyze your and your competitor’s rankings and see information like search volume, cost-per-click, and competition for each keyword.

On-site audit with Serpstat

One of the cool features of Serpstat is their domain optimization score. 

This report analyzes the website and identifies significant errors that may negatively impact your performance.

The following are the error categories that this feature can discover:

•    HTTP status code

•    Meta tag and title

•    Accessibility and indexing

•    Link and redirect

•    Server parameter

•    Loading speed

The results of the analysis will help you improve the technical performance of your website and improve your rankings.

Ongoing website and competitor tracking

Serpstat’s high visibility and tracking capabilities allow webmasters to understand the ranking and competitive performance of their websites clearly. 

Recently the development team released Rank Tracker 2.0. The updated version has a variety of unique features and provides an excellent way to monitor your site’s ranking in organic and paid search results. 

The new version of the tool tracks the top 100 competitors simultaneously based on their location, visibility, and traffic. Also, it can track up to 50,000 keywords simultaneously!

Why should you consider Serpstat?

No doubt, Serpstat is one of the best SEO tools on the market for agents and the growing internal SEO team.

Their features are comparable to some great SEO tools, but their pricing is more affordable.

It has an amazing (and free) learning center that provides information on keyword research, competitor analysis, and SEO improvements. 

For growing companies and agents looking to save money or invest in new tools, Serpstat should be at the top of the list!