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How Los Angeles SEO Companies Make The Best Videos For Their Clients

How Los Angeles SEO Companies Make The Best Videos For Their Clients

How Los Angeles SEO Companies Make The Best Videos For Their Clients


If you have a company in Los Angeles, and you intend to make some videos that are going to bring in some customers for you, you’re far from the only one who has had the idea. Branded videos for companies have become commonplace, and at the same time, the number of videos that people watch online through YouTube and other sites grows year by year.


If you’ve hired an SEO company, then it is a given that you will discuss the prospect of them making some videos for you. But how can you be sure to get the most engagement from those videos?




The thumbnail for each video is something that your Los Angeles SEO company should not neglect. It’s the first thing that a visitor is going to notice when they see that video posted on your YouTube channel.


It should be clear, and it should be relevant to the content. You might want to ask your SEO company to show you the thumbnails they have come up with before they post the videos.


Have Videos on Your Website as Well


It is vital for you to have videos both on your website and your YouTube channel. That way, people will have something to watch both places. For the videos on your site, make a new page for each. This will make indexing easier.


You might even want to consider having content that is unique to each. You can have a notification on your YouTube channel that there are more videos on your website and vice versa. This is a useful method of cross-promotion.


Add a Sitemap


You should also be sure that your SEO company has added a sitemap for your videos, Los Angeles. The presence of the sitemap matters because it paints a picture for the search engines of the data required to analyze each video. That way, you won’t risk any of them not being indexed.  


Make Sure the Videos are Shareable


You should also make sure that each video is fully shareable. Each one should be valuable to your target audience. They should be fun, creative, and interactive. That is how you can stir up some buzz about your company and start to get some brand recognition.


Your videos are like little advertisements for your company and its products, Los Angeles. They should convey to the world what it is you want them to know about you.


You need to get on the same page with your SEO company about what it is that you want to say in video form. If they can do that for you, then they’re the agency for the job. If they don’t seem to be getting the message, use someone else.