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How the Face of SEO is Changing for Companies

How the Face of SEO is Changing for Companies

How the Face of SEO is Changing for Companies


There have been many SEO elements over the years that have come to be thought of as “traditional,” Los Angeles, meaning that it seemed unlikely that they would ever cease to be a part of optimization. One might include keyword usage in that category or internal and external linking. There have been other SEO trends that have come and gone, and even though they are not considered to be black hat, they have simply become outdated.

Companies that have a good handle on optimization, though, understand that they need to be aware of new techniques and trends that will serve them well if they utilize them. Here are some of those trends that are changing the way Los Angeles companies tackle SEO.

Smart Devices

The proliferation of innovations like Google Home, Alexa, Siri, and others has made it necessary for companies to change how they format their website content. Voice input and natural language searches are going on, so the copy on landing and product pages needs to reflect that. In a voice-driven search world, your business needs to understand how people are phrasing their Google queries. If you fail to make the necessary changes, other sites that are better optimized are going to steal your business.

Alignment Between Mobile and Desktop Sites

Google has announced that one of the things for which they are looking from Los Angeles companies is alignment between the content on a mobile site and a desktop or laptop version. If your websites look dramatically different from each other based on which device is being used, that could be enough to warrant a penalty for you.

Site Speed

Armed with the knowledge that page loading speed is officially a ranking factor, your company should test the speed at which different pages on your site load on various devices. If any of them are taking more than a couple of seconds, you’d better devote all of your energy to solving the problem before you concentrate on anything else. If you’re not sure how to do it, hire people who can. Otherwise, it’s virtually a guarantee that you’re going to be losing some business.

SEO still has some standbys that you can use on your site, but many of the things that you would have looked for ten years ago as ranking factors have changed or disappeared. You need to be aware of where optimization is heading, and of what best practices are considered to be right now.