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How To Get A Lot Of Engagement Through Pinterest

How To Get A Lot Of Engagement Through Pinterest

How To Get A Lot Of Engagement Through Pinterest


Pinterest started as somewhat of a niche platform. People went there to get ideas for DIY projects and to find new recipes. But as the number of users there has grown, Los Angeles SEO companies have come to understand its potential.


Whether your business is using an SEO company or you are intent on doing your own advertising, if you’re using Pinterest, you need to be familiar with some of the ideas and tactics behind successful marketing campaigns. Here are some notions on how to get started.


Optimize Your Posting Schedule


Much as is the case with all other advertising on social media, what matters isn’t just what you’re sending out, but when you are doing so. If you’ve set your new ads to debut on Pinterest at a time when none of your followers are awake to see them, then you’re wasting resources.


First, make sure that your SEO company does some research to figure out when the majority of your audience is going to be around. Maybe it’s going to be on a Saturday morning, or it could be a Wednesday evening. Many different analytics tools will reveal this information to you.


Make Several Boards for Your Brand


This is one of the primary mistakes of which some Los Angeles SEO agencies are guilty, so pay attention.


They need to construct several different boards that promote your brand, rather than just one or two with hundreds of images on them. This way, it is much more likely that people will notice your images and promotional efforts, and will become curious about your products. Several distinct, well-organized boards are your best bet.


Show Some Love to Other Accounts


Your SEO company should also know that, just like with other social media platforms, it’s not all about you. What we mean by this is that you should draw attention to other Pinterest accounts that you admire and whose values seem to match up with your own.


If you share other Pinterest accounts and images having to do with your niche, then the individuals and companies behind them may respond in kind. This sort of mutual admiration can sometimes lead to business partnerships, so be generous and try to share some perspectives besides your own.


You can meet with your Los Angeles SEO company and talk to them about some of their Pinterest-related ideas. They might have a fresh perspective on how to utilize the platform that we haven’t mentioned. You can get in touch with some members of the community that have an interest in your niche, and you can get your images in front of some people who might not have been aware of your brand.