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How To Get The YouTube Subscribers That You Want

How To Get The YouTube Subscribers That You Want

How To Get The YouTube Subscribers That You Want


If you have hired an SEO company in Los Angeles, then there may be a long list of things that you want them to do for you. You might put them in charge of a PPC ad campaign, or you might task them with optimizing your website.


One thing that you will certainly want them to do, though, is to make you some videos for your various social media platforms. People love watching videos, and there is no faster way to get your brand noticed.


That especially applies to YouTube, where there’s nothing but video content. If you don’t yet have a YouTube channel, get your SEO company to create one for you, Los Angeles. Then they need to attract as many subscribers as they can. Here’s how they can do that.


Use the End Screen to Promote Your Other Videos


If you have made a series of videos, Los Angeles, and you’re featuring them on your channel, then it’s likely that they are related to one another. Because of that, if a person has watched one of them through to the end, then it is probable that they will want to see another that is on a similar topic.


To make it more likely that they stick around, promote the next video in the series on your end screen. You can even show the viewer a little preview of it if you like and tell them why it has vital information that they’ll need.


The Power of the Branding Watermark


This is probably the most critical YouTube hack that some SEO companies don’t know about, so pay attention, Los Angeles. You can add a branding watermark to your videos that will appear on the lower right-hand side.


This watermark is extremely useful. For one thing, it makes it more likely that those watching the video will remember your brand next time they see the logo, and they will begin to associate one with the other.


More importantly, viewers can click on it to subscribe to your channel as they are watching your video. They don’t even need to wait till it’s over if they like the content that you’re showing them enough. Now it’s up to you or your SEO company to try and create content that is so appealing that the viewers will not be able to resist subscribing.


Quantity is Less Important than Quality


Most people will tell you that it’s necessary to publish content on your YouTube channel regularly. That advice should come with a caveat, though. If you post videos that are of low quality and low interest, then you’re wasting your time.


If your goal is to get a lot of new subscribers, you or your SEO company needs to be sure that you’re nailing the topics in which people have the most interest, and that you’re saying something insightful about those topics.


YouTube has a lot of potential for businesses, which is why some SEO companies have entire departments dedicated to video creation specifically for the platform.


If your SEO company can’t help you in this regard, then you’ll need to find someone else who can. It’s too important that you grab those YouTube subscribers who will potentially become your customers, so you have to get this right.