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How To Optimize For User Intent

How To Optimize For User Intent

How To Optimize For User Intent


Optimization is going to be one of the main reasons that you contact a Los Angeles SEO company, whether it is your website that is under discussion, your social media posts, or the various online listings for your business. That is because if you do not bother to optimize your content, then it is not likely that you will get many site visits or gain social media followers.


However, in the past, the best methods of optimization included things like text data and backlinks. While those elements are still important, the various updates to the Google algorithm mean that your SEO company should now be much more focused on search intent. They need to understand what people are likely to be looking for when they type phrases and sentences into search engines.


Google and Search Intent


The majority of the Google algorithm updates in recent years have focused on figuring out what individuals are likely to be searching for if they use specific query structures.


As an example, take someone who types in something like “Target.” It is more than likely that they are trying to find something to do with the store Target, rather than, say, a definition of the word.


To take it one step further, it becomes even more probable that the person is going to be searching for the Target store that is nearest to them, not the corporate headquarters located in a different state. If the first result that comes up is a Target store near to them, and that result is satisfactory, then they will click on it. If they were looking for something different, they probably would have typed in something more specific.


What Does This Mean?


While it is never certain that two people are going to search for something in the same way, Google takes a lot of analytical data into account before each of its updates to try and serve searchers better. They feel at this point like they have a good idea of search intent when people type in various things, and they’re going to set up the SERPs based on that.


For Los Angeles SEO companies, what this means is that they need to optimize websites with search intent in mind. They need to include relevant phrases and long-tail keywords on their clients’ sites if they want to get them a good amount of engagement and sales.   


Google changing its practices for user intent is something that most searchers will appreciate because it makes it likely that one of the top hits will be the thing for which they were searching. As for SEO companies and businesses in general, as they set up websites, blogs, etc., they need to have in the back of their minds the ways that people search for things.


If optimization for search intent does not occur, then a site is probably not going to do well, and that is also true for social media posts and company listings.