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How To Promote Your Content

How To Promote Your Content

How To Promote Your Content



If you’ve hired a Los Angeles SEO company for your business, then you probably are asking a lot from them. There’s nothing wrong with that, though. SEO companies are well paid for being problem solvers. If you need to get more engagement for your website, you can call on them. The same is true if you need your site updated, or if you need someone to take over your social media campaigns.


One thing at which your SEO company needs to excel, though, Los Angeles, is content promotion. You need people to look at your content if you want them to engage with it because that’s going to promote awareness of your brand, and that, in turn, is what will get you sales.


Before we get into techniques for promotion that your SEO company should be using, though, it’s worth mentioning that if people aren’t going to find your content interesting, then this endeavor is pointless. If someone shows up on your website and sees that you have poorly designed infographics or derivative material, then it doesn’t much matter how you’re promoting it. Focus on creating fascinating content as much as how you’re getting the word out.


Blogger Outreach


One way your SEO company might try to promote your new content is through blogger outreach, Los Angeles.


Let’s say that you’ve just finished a new blog on which you’ve spent a lot of time. It’s up on your site, and it’s now up to your SEO company to get the word out. If you get one tweet from an influential blogger about your new content, it could cause a huge spike in website visitors. But how do you get that blogger to send out that tweet?


The answer is that your SEO company needs to send out a series of non-pushy emails to bloggers that you feel might be interested in your company and what you have to say.


To identify those bloggers or other influencers, you can look for people who have already shared content on the same topic about which you wrote the blog. That way, you know they’re likely going to be interested in your take on it.


If they respond saying that they’re interested in the content, have your SEO company send them a follow-up email with a link directly to it. That will make their job easier when they want to post about your article to their followers. That’s how you get the engagement for which you were hoping.


Link or Content Roundups


Your SEO company should also look into link or content roundups as a way to push your articles when you publish them.


Content roundups are blogs that are published to link to quality content. To find them, go through this process.


First, think of search strings that will locate roundups in your niche, like “keyword + link roundup.” Then, have your SEO company pitch them your content.


Again, the email shouldn’t be pushy. You’re politely suggesting that they link to your content, and you should include the link right there in the email. These roundups are looking for content in your niche, so this often works.


Your Los Angeles SEO company should be aware of these techniques for getting word of your new content out there, but there are many more. When you hire them, sit down and talk about some of their ideas for promoting your content. They should be experts in this area.