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How to Use Instagram Stories to Boost Engagement

How to Use Instagram Stories to Boost Engagement

How to Use Instagram Stories to Boost Engagement


You might want to reconsider your social marketing strategy if you are not using Instagram Stories for your business. According to Drive Traffic Media, a Los Angeles SEO company, Instagram Stories are one of the best tools to use to promote your brand online because they are creative and engaging. Instagram stories can generate brand awareness, boost engagement, and drive sales. 

Engagement Features

When creating an Instagram story, it is important to take advantage of all the different creative tools Instagram provides users for making stories. There are a variety of tools to use for audience engagement, aesthetic visuals, or editing purposes. Instagram even offers a “Create Mode” that provides premade digital creations on stories that can be edited to fit your brand. The following tools are creative ways to engage your followers on Instagram stories:

Poll Stickers

Poll stickers are the fastest way to achieve audience engagement on Instagram stories. They are a simple, yet creative way to get your followers involved in the post. For example, simply asking a “this or that” question on a story and adding a poll sticker for followers to answer shows that their opinion matters to the brand. All they have to do is click on one side of the poll to make an interactive contribution to the post. A brand can use this tactic by asking their audience about certain products they like or their color preferences. 

Emoji Slider Stickers

Emoji slider stickers are a fun and engaging way to see how your followers feel about something. You can ask a question on the Instagram story and provide an emoji slider sticker for the audience to use to react. Depending on the question, they can slide the sticker however far they want to provide their reaction. 

Question Stickers

Question stickers were released last year, and since then they have been a popular way to increase engagement with followers on Instagram stories. Question stickers are a great way to provide creative customer service. The brand can post a sticker asking for questions and provide answers to the questions they get on their stories. A brand can also post a question and ask for audience answers. This is a great way to get creative, genuine responses from people without providing pre-made answers. 

Quiz Stickers

Quiz stickers are a great way to engage audiences because they are fun ways to test the audience’s knowledge or get their opinion on something. Quiz stickers can also be used to communicate the brand story, for example, asking about products, company values, or fun facts.

Chat Stickers

About a year ago, Instagram released a chat sticker feature for Instagram stories. Chat stickers can be used to bring together a community of a maximum of 32 participants into a private chat to discuss a topic. Brands can also treat these as digital focus groups if they are researching something, want to learn more about their target audience, or are testing products. 

Instagram Live

Going live on Instagram stories is a great way for instant engagement. Followers can immediately enter the live and see what is going on. This also encourages a variety of questions and comments all at once and the brand could answer them during the live. Also, followers will get a notification that the brand is going live while they are on the app, so it is important for brands to go live during a time when most of their followers are online. 

There are a variety of creative ways to interact with your audience using Instagram stories. Los Angeles SEO companies, such as Drive Traffic Media, are experts in social media marketing and consistently help brands boost their engagement using Instagram stories.