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How To Write Facebook Lead Ads That Converts

How To Write Facebook Lead Ads That Converts

How To Write Facebook Lead Ads That Converts


If you have hired an SEO company to run your social media ad campaigns, then you’re paying for results, Los Angeles, not vague assurances. That’s why you should have no problems setting concrete goals for your company to reach, assuming that they are not unrealistic. To that end, you’ll want them to write Facebook lead ads for you that are sure to lead to conversions. Facebook figures to be a critical part of most ad campaigns, and here’s how they can get the campaign off the ground.


Marketing Objective

Your SEO company needs to have specific goals in mind, Los Angeles, just as you do. Those goals might have to do with brand awareness, traffic engagement, video views, conversions, store visits, or something else. Whatever the case may be, you can input those goals into Facebook, thereby working in tandem with the social media giant. To set up a Lead Ad campaign for your company, your SEO company will need to do the following.

They must upload the privacy policy for your company. Next, they will provide a list of questions to ask customers. They will choose what information is being collected. They will define your marketing message, and then they will set up the targeting for your campaign.


Additional Steps

During this stage, your SEO company will also need to go through the following steps, Los Angeles businesses. They will want to leverage lookalike audiences of your existing customer base. They will set up appointment scheduling for a follow-up, and then they will use a manual bidding system for leads that are of lesser value. They must add Facebook Pixel to your website, which is an intuitive process and easy enough to do.

They will also set up conversion tracking on your website, one of the critical analytics criteria for judging the campaign’s success. They will need to take the time and create separate ads for separate devices. They must integrate your CRM to capture leads. Finally, they must schedule the campaign to run when the majority of your customers are the most active on Facebook.

All of this seems like a lot to remember, Los Angeles, but an experienced SEO company will have done it in the past, and they will know to go down the list carefully so as not to skip any steps. They should be able to get your campaign up and running in a relatively short period, and they will be able to use Google Analytics to give you a detailed breakdown of what kind of engagement you’re getting. You should be able to assess within a few weeks of hiring them whether you picked the right company for the job.