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How Your Website Can Climb The Rankings

How Your Website Can Climb The Rankings

How Your Website Can Climb The Rankings


The ambition to reach the top of the search engine rankings is one of the primary reasons to reach out to a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles. If you aren’t in one of those coveted top spots, you’re going to be hard pressed to increase your sales in 2019.


Because of that, your digital marketing agency needs to be fully aware of all of the ranking factors mentioned by Google related to how they make their decisions. There are dozens of them, but some are more easy to impact than others.


Contact Information Consistency


This is something that might not jump into your mind immediately when you think about ranking signals, but it matters. You’re going to have contact information posted for your business on all of the profiles you’ve claimed across the web, such as Google My Business, review sites like Yelp, and of course on your website itself.


If you have a physical location, you need to make sure your address is the same and accurate across each of these sites. The same is true of the phone number, your business hours, etc. If there are any differences, change them to be sure that they are uniform.


Are You Mobile Responsive?


Your Los Angeles digital marketing agency should also be sure that your mobile site is optimized since more people now use mobile as their go-to rather than desktop or laptop.


That means the UX for your site should be excellent, with all the images formatted the right way and quick page loading speed. If there are any questions about your mobile site, your agency can run it through the Google mobile-friendly test.


Descriptions and Meta-Titles


The descriptions of your services and products and the meta-titles you use on your pages need to be accurate, Los Angeles. If they’re not, then you might not think it matters very much, but Google is paying attention to this sort of thing now.


They have bots that crawl sites to determine if your copy makes sense in the context in which you are trying to frame it. If it does, you’ll be rewarded with a higher SERP position. If your copy has little to do with what the page is supposed to be about, you’ll get dropped further down.


In essence, all this means for your digital marketing agency is that they need to write about the things on each page that you indicated would be there. They should have no problems in that regard.


The better grasp your SEO company has of these ranking factors, the better your chances of ranking highly. You can’t afford to let your website get buried, so talk to your agency about these signals today.