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Keywords Are Part Of Fundamental SEO

Keywords Are Part Of Fundamental SEO

Keywords Are Part Of Fundamental SEO

If you own a Los Angeles business and you’re trying to optimize your website to beat out your competitors, then you know to focus on keywords. They’re a necessary part of any SEO strategy, and you or your internet marketing agency should do research to determine which ones are right for you. The problem comes from your competition. The others in your niche are going to be doing the same thing as you, so how can you stand out with Google and propel yourself to the top of the rankings?


Create Your Own Keywords


This isn’t advice you are going to hear very often, because it’s not something that most content creators even consider. But if you are making up unique keywords having to do with your niche, then it stands to reason only you will be the one ranking for them, at least until someone else thinks to plunder your site.


This will require some innovation and imagination on your part. Think of it this way. If you are the creator of original content for your website, or you have an internet marketing agency to do it for you, take some time to brainstorm with your team about original topics that are finding their way onto your website and into your blogs. An example might be some new technology that has been incorporated into one of your products. It might be a new exercise routine, or an original recipe, or just about anything that hasn’t ever been seen or used before you made it up. Then, name it. You’ll be the only one ranking for it, Los Angeles, so whatever it is, if it catches on, you’ll be getting all the organic search traffic for it.


Another SEO Gem


There’s one other keyword-related item we thought we’d mention, and it’s equally valuable for SEO. If you use one of the multitudes of online keyword-generating tools, then you know that your seed keywords have to be spot on, exactly what is currently trending within your niche. If they aren’t, then the new ideas and keyword variations the tool generates aren’t going to be valuable to you, and you’ll be wasting your time by including them on your site. is the answer.


Here’s how it works. You go to it and think up a scenario. The easiest one to use is imagining that someone is trying to find your business online. Then you plug in that scenario, and a special link will pop up. You should then send the link to your target customers and ask them keywords they would use. Social media is a great way to do it. From the results, you’ll get a list of unique keywords that you can then put in Google Keyword Planner like you usually would. This is a method through which you can find out the way that people search and the precise language that they use. It’s likely that you wouldn’t have thought of some of the words and phrases by yourself.


There’s no right or wrong way to hunt for keywords, but you need to do it. Without a strong keyword game, your SEO is going to suffer, Los Angeles. Either generate those keywords yourself or find an internet marketing agency that can do it for you.