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Let’s Break SEO Down To The Basics

Let’s Break SEO Down To The Basics

Let’s Break SEO Down To The Basics

There’s little dispute these days that hiring an internet marketing agency can be beneficial for any company, regardless of its size, Los Angeles. Even if you have an in-house website design team, it’s still often helpful to bring in some experts who can examine your site, as well as your social media presence, ad campaigns, and where you’re situated in relation to your competition.




Part of what makes an SEO company so good at what they do is that they can break optimization down to its most basic elements. That is necessary before moving on to the more delicate points, such as keyword research, links, implementation of H1 tags, and all the other things that might go into a website retooling.


SEO Basics That You Might Have Forgotten


Los Angeles companies should concentrate on the following aspects of website design before getting into more technical SEO. First, you’re not writing pages for search engines, but for people. It’s true that there are certain ways of writing and formulating the content on a page that make it easier for the Google crawlers to read it, but you can’t write content expressly for search engines. If you have that in your mind, you’re going to have an easier time of it, and your content is more likely to be user-friendly.


You never want to have anything on your site that feels deceptive. You might not be clear on whether something is black hat SEO or not, but if you feel unsure, ask yourself this question: would I feel comfortable explaining to someone from Google the technique that I used here? If the answer is no, you’ll probably want to try something else.


This means that you want to avoid anything like link schemes, content that is generated automatically, content that is not one hundred percent original, or any hidden text or links. None of those are considered “best practices,” and you’ll be penalized if you get caught, Los Angeles.


Above all else, try to think about what makes your website and products unique. Think about what makes what you have to offer valuable. It helps to remember why you wanted to start the company in the first place. What was your ambition, your goal? How can you make the content on your site be a representation of that?


If you’re able to stick to all of these fundamental principles, then the more technical aspects of SEO can be implemented next. At that point, it’s best to bring in that internet marketing agency. They will handle any issue of your website design and maintenance about which you’re still feeling unsure.