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Why Long-Tail Keywords Matter For SEO

Why Long-Tail Keywords Matter For SEO

Why Long-Tail Keywords Matter For SEO

If you have been put in charge of a business website in Los Angeles or you are the creator of that site, then you probably know some SEO techniques already. But if you aren’t getting the traffic and conversions that you want, then you may need to do some site maintenance, or hire an internet marketing agency to do it for you. If you’re going it alone or you’re doing it in-house, here’s one tip for a strategy that might not be on your radar.

Los Angeles Companies Will Benefit From The Long-Tail Keyword SEO StrategyLong-Tail Keywords In Title Tags


Ah, long-tail keywords. Is there nothing they can’t do? If used correctly, there are few better weapons for SEO. You might know that you should include a keyword in the title tags for your site. But if you only use one per tag, you are not fully optimized. Using more than one dramatically increases your chances of ranking highly, and if done correctly, it’s still perfectly above board. We’re not talking about keyword stuffing. We’re talking about the inclusion of tangential keywords that have to do with the same topic. Because of Google’s intuitive semantic search capability, this technique will help the search engine understand what topic is indicated by your title tags. This is helpful for SEO, Los Angeles.


So, How Does It Work?


The best way to figure out what long-tail keywords can potentially fit together naturally in a title tag is to use analytics tools like those provided by Google and other platforms. You can type a long-tail keyword in, and you’ll get a list of related terms within your niche that get a sizeable amount of search traffic every day, week, or month. Then you can play around with some title tags that incorporate multiple keyword variations. You want the title tag to still sound natural, so take some time on it and come up with something that sounds compelling and maintains proper sentence structure. If you’ve hired an internet marketing agency to optimize your website, it is more than likely they will have prior experience doing this.


Regardless of whether it’s you doing the optimization, an in-house team, or an outside agency, you’ll maximize your chances of ranking if you can master this technique. It’s the sort of white hat SEO tactic that you should always have in your bag of tricks. If you have a list of optimization ideas that you wish to implement, add this one to it. It probably won’t be very time consuming, and it can pay significant dividends in the form of higher ranking and page views.