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Los Angeles SEO Companies Are Keeping An Eye On These Latest Developments

Los Angeles SEO Companies Are Keeping An Eye On These Latest Developments

Los Angeles SEO Companies Are Keeping An Eye On These Latest Developments


For Los Angeles SEO companies, it pays to be up to date on what’s happening in the world of social media. Social media campaigns are a significant part of why businesses hire SEO companies, so developments and changes to any of the platforms warrant consideration. This is what’s been happening lately in social media that has the notice of SEO companies.


Changes to Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger could be implementing a voice assistant function soon. If it happens, that will mean that setting up reminders and sending messages verbally will both be possible through the platform. The feature is currently in beta-testing, but it will likely hit the market before long. It would come in the form of a new button that would be placed atop message threads. Any voice commands could instantly be recognized, which would presumably make connectivity even easier. This is hardly breaking news, but this seems to be the latest affirmation that Facebook is not resting on its laurels as it relates to product and service developments to be made available via their platform.


Instagram Founders Exit


Another story that Los Angeles SEO companies have been monitoring involves the resignations of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the co-founders of Instagram. For those who were unaware, Facebook acquired Instagram some time ago, and it is suspected that these two might have become frustrated by their brain child’s lack of autonomy under their new parent company.


They did not state an explicit reason for why they left. However, with these two creative minds essentially being free agents, we might see some new endeavor from them sooner rather than later. Even if they do take a significant amount of time off from the social media game, or if they aim their talents in an entirely new direction, what remains to be seen is how this will affect the popularity of Instagram, and Facebook, for that matter. Are both such juggernauts at this point that there will be no noticeable difference, or will the loss of Systrom and Krieger have a negative impact on company morale?


If you hire a Los Angeles SEO company, they can surely give you their opinion on these and other topics of the day. A company that is not aware of these occurrences is probably one that you want to avoid. Any SEO company should be constantly thirsty for news that pertains to their industry. You want to hire people who know what’s happening and have opinions on how it might affect potential ad campaigns.