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Los Angeles SEO Companies Offer Many Services

Los Angeles SEO Companies Offer Many Services

Los Angeles SEO Companies Offer Many Services

If your business needs an SEO company, then you’re in luck, as there are plenty of them in Los Angeles. Aside from the SEO services, they also provide social media account management and the running of social media ad campaigns. They should know how to optimize your posts to get the most engagement, and they should know how to structure ads so that they’re liable to get more likes and clicks. Here’s what’s happening in social media right now. Both you and your SEO company should know about these developments.


Instagram Gets Political


With the midterm elections fast approaching, many eyes have turned to politics and critical races around the country. Social media platforms are far from exempt from this trend, as lively political debate runs rampant across Facebook, Twitter, and others. Instagram has gotten in on the act by running ads that promote voter registration. They plan on educating any voters who were unaware about the midterm elections, or at least reminding them that they’re coming up. They will issue digital “I Voted” stickers via the platform, and invite users to share their experiences at the polls.


Los Angeles companies have sometimes regarded Instagram as a niche platform, but if your business has political leanings and has targeted IG as a place where your customers spend time, it would be foolish not to make a note of this promotional effort. Your SEO company can mention it in their posts and try to get your audience talking about it. Politics can be polarizing, but at the same time, if your customers feel that your beliefs align with theirs, this is an excellent chance to foster brand loyalty. Just be careful that nothing that you say is too inflammatory.


Amazon and Snapchat


Snapchat users will now have the opportunity to use their cameras to scan barcodes of products they might want to purchase that they encounter out in the world. Amazon will instantly show the product’s Prime availability, its name, price, and other facts about it. This team up with such a titan of the industry seems to be the strongest signal yet that Snapchat wants to monetize their business model to the greatest extent possible.


If your business has been using Snapchat for advertisement, and if your products are available on Amazon, this presents the perfect opportunity for a series of posts telling your customers that such a service now exists. This “social e-commerce” hybrid seems to be the wave of the future. Letting your customers know that you are aware of it tells them that you are current with technological and industry trends.


Your SEO company should be on the lookout for these sorts of developments because of the advertising and engagement opportunities that they provide, Los Angeles. When you come out with new posts on your social media platforms, they should be thought-provoking, and both of these topics fit the bill perfectly. You can start a conversation with this sort of material. Talk means engagement, which can mean posts going viral, and the benefits of that are self-evident.