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Make Sure You Hire A Company That Offers Superior SEO Services

Make Sure You Hire A Company That Offers Superior SEO Services

Make Sure You Hire A Company That Offers Superior SEO Services

If you don’t have an in-house SEO team to handle the optimization of your company’s website, then you may find yourself shopping around for the best agency to help you. But how do you know which one is for you? They will need to be able to avoid these unapproved techniques.

Does Your Digital Marketing Agency Know Modern SEO?

SEO changes almost daily, and the agency you hire should be able to tell you all about the current best practices for Google and other search engines. They should be able to answer without hesitation when you ask them how they are going to optimize your site and keep from getting penalized.


Link Buying

For instance, a digital marketing agency should know that link buying is poor SEO practice. Link buying might have worked once, but search engine algorithms are much more advanced than they used to be, and Google will detect those sorts of shenanigans immediately now. You’re looking for only high-quality links from reputable sites. Spammy links will harm your efforts, not help them. Talk to your SEO company about their link building strategy, Los Angeles.


Don’t Leave Spam Links On Other Sites

Another easy way to get yourself penalized is if your SEO company leaves spam comments on other site’s blogs so that they can include a link back to yours. Leaving genuinely insightful comments on other people’s blogs can be good SEO, but if you’re going to leave a link, it has to be earned. If there’s something on your site that actually relates to someone’s else’s blog post, it might be okay for you to link with it.


Don’t Use Duplicate Anchor Text

Another SEO technique to avoid is the use of duplicate anchor text. New web designers and SEO companies sometimes attempt this. They will put a keyword phrase in some anchor text and link it back to their site many times, in the hopes that it will lead to high engagement. Google doesn’t like it when you do that sort of thing, though. Instead of using anchor text many times, search engines prefer that you use branded anchor text. This is anchor text with a company name. There is less chance for abuse that way.


There are so many companies that offer SEO services Los Angeles, but you can’t just choose one at random. You must interview each candidate carefully and ask them for all of the details of their SEO strategy. You should know what techniques are permissible according to Google, and which ones are to be avoided.