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Make Sure Your SEO Company Avoids These Common Mistakes

Make Sure Your SEO Company Avoids These Common Mistakes

Make Sure Your SEO Company Avoids These Common Mistakes


While there are all kinds of things that you can do to make your business website more attractive to visitors and Google crawlers, Los Angeles, there are equally many missteps that you can take that can hurt your spot in the SERPs. The best SEO company is the one that knows how to steer around these potential obstacles. If you’re not sure if an agency that you’re considering hiring has what it takes, ask them about these specific areas.

Can They Reach Customers with Your Content?

You might be producing some excellent content for your website, but what are you doing to ensure that people are reading it, Los Angeles? Content production is critical, but so are the promotional efforts that either you or your SEO company puts into it.

You can put your latest blog up, but there is no guarantee that anyone will stop by to read it. Your social media channels and newsletters are also useful, but sometimes it’s necessary to take things one step further.   

Your SEO company should know about promoting content over influencer channels, targeted sharing that uses keyword-optimized hashtags, and paid social campaigns. A combination of all of those is sometimes what it takes to make sure that people are paying attention to your content.

Optimizing for the Incorrect Keywords

You know all about how necessary keyword optimization is, Los Angeles businesses, but what if you’re optimizing your content for the wrong ones? That means a whole lot of effort that’s being put in for nothing.

Your SEO company should know how to figure out which keywords need to be on your website and in your social media posts. That means they should know to avoid high-volume phrases that don’t convert. They should pay attention to click-through rates, and they should also know not to stick awkward exact-match phrases into your content, as was once acceptable SEO.

In addition to all of the keyword tools that are on the market these days, it’s helpful if your SEO company talks to your customers and asks them what kinds of keywords and phrases they use to describe different elements of your industry. You can reach out to them via social media, and if they’re fans of your brand then they shouldn’t mind helping you out.

A skilled SEO company can be the partner that your Los Angeles business needs to get some real market penetration in 2019. Just be sure that you hire an agency that knows what they’re doing and isn’t negligent with any of these aspects of SEO that Google views as necessary in the current optimization landscape.