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SEO Companies Can Use These Tools To Help You Rank

SEO Companies Can Use These Tools To Help You Rank

SEO Companies Can Use These Tools To Help You Rank


Your position with the SERPs matters, Los Angeles companies. Some business owners don’t seem to realize that if your website does not appear on the first page for a search term on Google, then it’s unlikely that the searcher will ever see it. Most Google users don’t go beyond the first page of results, so your SEO company needs to do all they can to optimize your site. Here are some tools that they can use to make a favorable Google result more likely for you.


Smush Image Compression and Optimization


Smush is a WordPress plugin that resizes, optimizes, and compresses the images on your site, Los Angeles. This is of critical importance because a sure way to slow down your mobile site is to have large images that dominate the screen. Improperly formatted images are a killer for UX. Smush is free for users that are optimizing up to 50 images at a time. Any more, and you have to pay for it. You must keep clicking the “resume” button when you’re ready to bulk optimize the next batch of 50.




GTMetrix allows you to analyze the loading speed of your web pages, which is, of course, critical from an SEO standpoint. You get an easy-to-understand performance score, and you also get recommendations on how to get your site to load faster. Page loading speed is one of those things that you have to keep working on till you get it within Google’s requirements, so this tool is a godsend. is one of the many keyword finding tools that are on the market, but the way it works is slightly different than some of the others, Los Angeles. It’s looking for keywords that are semantically related to any root keyword. If you plug in something like “SEO tools,” for instance, it will yield a list with such results as “keyword tool SEO,” “free SEO analysis,” and “Google page speed tools SEO.” It’s then a simple matter to download the list as a CSV and incorporate those keywords into your blogs and other website copy.


With these tools at your disposal for SEO, Los Angeles, you or your internet marketing agency will be better equipped for the optimization that your website sorely needs. Getting sales means winning the SEO skirmishes and getting your site as optimized and user-friendly as possible.