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An SEO Company Can Make Sure Your Website Launch Is A Success

An SEO Company Can Make Sure Your Website Launch Is A Success

An SEO Company Can Make Sure Your Website Launch Is A Success


Los Angeles businesses that are launching a new website or making a complete transition from an old one have a lot to keep in mind. If you hire an SEO company, then you’ll stand the best chance of getting it right, since SEO agencies usually know all the latest techniques to ensure you of the most visitor engagement and the highest click-through rates. To get to that point, though, they’ll need to go down this checklist.

Select a Platform


WordPress is probably the most comprehensive and most straightforward to use all around. However, Godaddy, Shopify, Squarespace, and Weebly are also used often by Los Angeles businesses. Your SEO company will need to determine which is the best fit for you.


Register Your Domain Name


You’ll need to brainstorm with your SEO company if you haven’t come up with a domain name yet. It should be something that has to do either directly with your company or niche, and it should be memorable. Make a short list of possibilities and see which ones are available to you.


Map Pages From Old to New Site


If you have pages on your old site that are similar to some that will appear on the new one, you’ll need to map those out.


Put Up A Coming Soon Page


Let everyone know that the new site is coming with a “coming soon” page. You can update it with different graphics as you get closer to the launch. You can even put up a date and count it down if you know for sure when you are going to go live.


Test Site Usability


Your SEO company should know to do their due diligence and test the site thoroughly before they launch. Los Angeles companies often use services like User Testing, which will give you audio and visual recordings of people interacting with the website. That way, you’ll know for sure which of its features are working and which ones need improvement.


Optimize Meta Descriptions and Title Tags


You probably already know that meta descriptions and title tags are vital for your SEO success. Use them to help both search engines and potential customers to understand what your site is all about.


Your Los Angeles-based SEO company can be with you every step of the way as you get the new website off the ground. If they did the job right, then you should be thrilled with the new site, and your customers will be too.