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Your SEO Company Will Recommend Different Strategies Depending On Size

Your SEO Company Will Recommend Different Strategies Depending On Size

Your SEO Company Will Recommend Different Strategies Depending On Size

You might be a neophyte in the business world, and you may have just launched your new website. Alternatively, you might be in charge of a site for an enormous multinational company. Is your SEO going to be different depending on the size of your business? That’s the sort of question an SEO company can answer for you since they’re experts with that sort of thing. We will endeavor to give you a brief explanation of how optimization differs for larger companies versus smaller ones.

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Smaller Business, Smaller Budget

What’s usually the case with smaller mom-and-pop-style businesses (and websites) is that there is less of an advertising budget. These companies can feel intimidated by the larger outfits who have more resources. For SEO purposes, a small company would do well to focus on one or two specific points. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, you should zero in on local SEO. That’s going to mean online branding and public relations, with an eye toward getting people to come to your location and buy your products. Get listed in Google Local, and third-party review sites like Yelp can also be helpful. Experiment with Google AdWords, and be optimized for the mobile version of your site. That way, people can find you when they’re looking for local businesses that tailor to your niche. Equally important is your physically getting out to community events and interfacing with the public. Use giveaways and free samples to spread brand awareness.


Larger Company, More Options

A more prominent company has the budget to invest in a strategy where technical SEO and content marketing are the focus. You’re trying to push the content on social media and attract attention to yourself that way. If your company has the budget, they can dabble in all types of SEO without having to be as targeted as a smaller startup. Be diligent about protecting the brand online. That means you should have people for public relations who respond promptly to any negative feedback the company gets. If you answer customer complaints swiftly and directly, you’ll become known as a business that cares. You’re also going to want to carefully monitor how you portray the brand on social media, and with your blogs and page content.


Whether your company is smaller or larger, you need to plan out the SEO strategy that makes the most sense for you. That way you’ll cultivate the reputation that will enable your business to flourish and thrive.