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SEO For Larger Companies Is Challenging

SEO For Larger Companies Is Challenging

SEO For Larger Companies Is Challenging


Do you work for an SEO company in Los Angeles and you’ve been given an enormous website to optimize? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed if you’ve never tackled a project of that scope before. It’s also useful to understand that for a much larger company, you’re going to have to drastically alter your SEO strategy if you to meet your goals. Large businesses want value, responsiveness, and accountability from the SEO companies they hire, so let’s look at each of those in turn.




More prominent Los Angeles companies generally have larger budgets for everything, and that includes SEO. However, if you are in charge of the optimization efforts for a big company, you should be implementing techniques where you can demonstrate to them that you’re still stretching their dollars. If that comes in the form of PPC advertising, try to ensure that your ads are designed with the keywords and visuals that make conversions most likely. If you are new to an ad campaign of this size, a little trial and error may be necessary. But large companies will be looking for ROI, return on their investment, and that brings us to the second point.




Los Angeles companies that already have a sizeable market share got to where they are through a successful business model. That means that if you’re a representative of an SEO company and you’re expected to be optimizing their website, social media channels, etc., they are going to be looking for specific numbers. They will likely want so many sales per quarter, a certain amount of direct customer interaction on each social media platform, and so many likes, follows, and shares. You need to deliver, or else they may move on to a different SEO company.




As for the website itself, what these large companies are looking for is an excellent user experience, and that means responsiveness. They will probably want you to bring some new ideas to the table. Have a look at their website, and test out every part of it, trying to look at it through the eyes of a customer. If any of the copy is unclear, change it. If the pathway to a sale is not easy and direct, make changes to alleviate that. Make sure there are prominent social media buttons and make sure that the calls to action can’t be missed or misunderstood.

Once you have some experience working for a larger Los Angeles company doing SEO, you’ll be able to tackle the next assignment a lot easier. Each campaign must be tailored to suit the company’s individual needs, but at the same time, there are certain universalities to each. Knowing what those are will give you a leg up as you grow more comfortable handling more significant accounts.