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For SEO, Concentrate On Dwell Time

For SEO, Concentrate On Dwell Time

For SEO, Concentrate On Dwell Time

If you work for a Los Angeles-based company and you have considered hiring an internet marketing agency, it’s more than likely a wise decision. These agencies conduct exhaustive studies of what sort of content does best on business websites, and they can write that type of material for you. They know all about on-page SEO, and they know that what helps you rank more than almost anything else is dwell time, or the amount of time that visitors spend on your site.


How To Increase Your Dwell Time


RankBrain, which Google uses to determine what ranking websites should have, pays a lot of attention to dwell time. It makes sense, because if someone spends a longer time on a website, then it probably means that they are finding the content to be compelling. If they bounce quickly from a site, that usually means that they didn’t see what it was they wanted. For the top ten search results on Google, on average a visitor spends a little more than three minutes on that website. That might not seem long, but contrast that to a site that is not to a visitor’s liking; they might spend only one or two seconds there before moving on.


So, how do you get someone to stay on your page for at least three minutes, ensuring your high Google search ranking? You need to be sure that your site is well set up for SEO, Los Angeles. That means that you need to be using keywords that appeal to those in your niche, who will look for those keywords and discover your site. Your page needs to load quickly, so there will be no frustration because of the wait time. The theme and graphics should be modern and appealing. There should be clear calls to action that are immediately visible. There should be professional-quality pictures and videos that help to establish your brand identity. Above all, there must be long-form content that is informative, funny, and answers questions that those in your niche are most likely to ask.


SEO can be somewhat technical, it is true, but part of it is about asking yourself what you would like from a website and pages that you visit. It goes back to the axiom of “treating others the way you want to be treated.” In this context, that could be revised to “set up your website in a way you would prefer a site you visit to be set up.” If the site is not intuitive and you’re not connecting with the brand, then you are going to move on. Explain this to the internet marketing agency that you hire, Los Angeles. Just because they’re setting up a business website for you, that doesn’t mean it has to be a chore or a slog. You’ll want to hire a company that takes pride in the work and is enthusiastic about it. That’s the company that will create a site for you that’s going to get those high Google rankings consistently.