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SEO Is Reliant On Dynamic Content

SEO Is Reliant On Dynamic Content

SEO Is Reliant On Dynamic Content

When you first speak to an internet marketing agency about a campaign for your company, Los Angeles, you might be unsure about where they should be focusing. There’s social media channels to think about, website revitalization, PPC advertising…the list goes on and on. But an experienced internet marketing agency will most likely want to start with the basics, and that means on-site SEO. Your site is the shop window through which customers come to browse your products, and it should be appealing in every respect. Here’s one way to make that happen.

Los Angeles Businesses Should Focus On Content Sharing For SEO

You Want Your Content To Be Shared


Despite recent changes to the Google algorithm, there can be no doubt that getting your content shared, especially if it’s by reputable sources, can mean a healthy boost for your SEO. Backlinks are viewed especially favorably by Google. But how to get them? Here’s one tip: use short URLs. This advice seems almost absurdly simple, but it works. Short, simple URLs that get straight to the point of what you are trying to convey are much more likely to be shared. They get more clicks, and always remember that more clicks equal higher rankings through the Google RankBrain tool, Los Angeles.


Social Media Share Buttons


You can also try featuring social media “share” buttons prominently on your pages. A sidebar with immediate access to Twitter, Facebook, etc. should get the job done. It is true that based on statements that they’ve made, Google doesn’t use social media for a ranking factor. But that doesn’t mean that these shares and likes aren’t to your advantage. The more engagement with your content that you can get, the better. Social shares bring the traffic, and they increase brand awareness. You’ll be reaching new potential customers that might not have known your company existed before. It’s even better if your content answers questions or satisfies needs that are likely to surface within your niche.


Once your content is optimized for shares, you can be sure that social media engagement and links will go up. That’s a shot in the arm from an SEO standpoint, Los Angeles businesses, so don’t neglect this simple method that has a guaranteed track record of success.