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SEO Services Will Often Include The Search For Keywords

SEO Services Will Often Include The Search For Keywords

SEO Services Will Often Include The Search For Keywords


It seems likely that part of SEO services in Los Angeles and elsewhere is always going to involve keyword research. If you’ve hired an agency, then you’re going to want them to do it for you, regardless of whether you’re having them focus on your social media feeds, the product pages on your website, your blog, or something else related to your company.


Keywords are always going to be a part of white hat SEO because it seems inconceivable that Google and other search engines will ever completely do away with them as ranking factors. Keywords that people use in their searches are a strong indication of their intent. If you use them in a suitable context on your website, it means that your site is a possible result that the person searching will want to see.


With this in mind, let’s take a look at some ways for your Los Angeles SEO company to help you find and use suitable ones.


The Tools for the Job


There are several SEO keyword research tools that your agency can use to locate some of the better ones to utilize. SEMrush is a great one, as are Answer The Public and


Each of these services has different features that will let you filter through keywords, using such rubrics as engagement in a particular geographic region.


Keywords that have local intent are the ones that small businesses must feature prominently on their sites. They can’t afford not to do so.


Your SEO company should also be sure that your site is optimized for voice search. More people are using Google Home and Amazon Echo to search for things, as they are finding it much easier to say things like “dentist near me” than to type it into their phones.


Conversational Tone


The other way that your Los Angeles SEO agency can best use keyword research to your advantage is by trying variations that have a conversational focus and tone.


If you’re in a service-related business or you have a brick-and-mortar location, the strategic use of keywords can bring more people through your door who are searching for things as they’re out walking around.


Keyword research is always likely to be a focal point, and it will be one of the SEO services that an agency can provide. The tools for finding those keywords may change, Los Angeles, but the need for them will not. If you want to climb the SERPs, you’ll need to zero in on some neglected long-tail keywords that others in your niche have not yet discovered.