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Here Are Some SEO Tools Your Digital Marketing Agency Will Appreciate

Here Are Some SEO Tools Your Digital Marketing Agency Will Appreciate

Here Are Some SEO Tools Your Digital Marketing Agency Will Appreciate

Is your digital marketing agency overworked, Los Angeles? If you have them performing several tasks at once, then they might be. There’s content creation for your website to think about, link building, and keyword hunting. You might have them working on a PPC marketing campaign, and that’s not to mention your social media channels and trying to juggle all of those platforms simultaneously. You’d better hope that they have a whole team working for you and that they’re all great at their jobs.


With so much that needs doing, it’s lucky that some tools exist which are meant to assist you with your social media goals. Here are three that we like the most in the latter half of 2018.




The fancifully named Followerwonk is for use exclusively with Twitter. If you have a significant Twitter campaign going, then you and your digital marketing agency will be excited by all of its features. It’s all about analysis and optimization, as it suggests people for you to follow that have expressed an interest in your brand or niche. By reaching out to them directly you can grow your following organically, Los Angeles, so be sure your SEO company knows about this tool.




Tagboard is the best tool for social listening, hands down. You plug in a hashtag, term, or topic, and it goes to work for you. You’ll see all about how that topic is currently being discussed in the social sphere, and how it was in the past as well. If you’re trying to monitor your product and brand mentions, this is the way to do it. That’s not all of which it is capable, though. You can also use it to come up with new ideas for posts and how to capture your audience’s interest based on what is trending.




If you are running a B2B social media campaign, you can’t afford not to have this SEO tool, Los Angeles. You can easily schedule your content and measure its effectiveness. More than that, though, you can curate content to share, which allows you to join in the conversation with your followers. If you have a large social media team, this tool will help you manage them and see to it that they are all on-task.


These tools are just some of the many that are out there, but they’re three of the most accessible that every Los Angeles-based digital marketing agency should be using. If yours doesn’t know about them, tell them, so that they will have a better chance at crafting and running the campaign you want.