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Setting Up a Sales Funnel Is One of the SEO Services An Agency Can Provide

Setting Up a Sales Funnel Is One of the SEO Services An Agency Can Provide

Setting Up a Sales Funnel Is One of the SEO Services An Agency Can Provide


If you know that you want to improve your sales in the first quarter of this year, then it helps to examine every aspect of your Los Angeles business to identify any areas where your strategy might be lacking. If you’re handling your SEO, then you should do a website audit to see if any aspect of your site is not getting the engagement that you’d like. Alternatively, you can hire an agency to do it if you feel like you’re not experienced enough to keep trying to optimize your content on your own.

One place that either you or your SEO agency should look is your sales funnel. Each component of it should be functioning correctly if you have any hope of increasing your profits. If you don’t know much about building sales funnels, keep the following points in mind.

You Need an Impressive Landing Page

The beginning of most sales funnels is your landing page. Whether a potential client got there through the SEO services your agency is providing or whether they were directed there through your social media, if a new arrival isn’t impressed, then they’re going to leave.

Your landing page should feature a place for your customers to sign up for a mailing list or to follow you on your social media channels. You’re looking to get them to engage with you or to get their contact information, so offer them an exclusive discount or give them some other incentive for actively interfacing with the site.

Front End Offers

It’s also helpful to have a front end offer on the table when a site visitor arrives, Los Angeles. This is meant to draw them further into the funnel.

In other words, even if you don’t get them to immediately buy something from you when they arrive on your landing page, you should at least offer them some reason to go further into the site and get one step closer to a possible sale. An experienced SEO company will understand this strategy, and setting up this part of the funnel is another one of the services that they should be able to provide.

Upsell Offers

If you’ve convinced a site visitor to buy something from you, then that’s great, but the sales funnel shouldn’t end there. You can offer something else as a way of upselling to the person who’s buying from you.

If they’re purchasing a scented candle from you, for instance, then you can have a graphic pop up during the checkout portion of the sale that notifies them that other people like to buy your bubble bath when they make that same purchase. Try to offer more substance with an upgrade. Another route you can take is to tell them that if they buy $50 worth of products or more from you, then you’ll throw in a gift or free shipping.

The sales funnel is something that you should constantly be working on, Los Angeles. An SEO agency should be able to provide you with those services if you’re not confident enough to do it yourself, but one way or the other, it needs to get done. If you don’t have a working sales funnel that is not deficient in any way, you’re not going to get the increase in sales for which you’ve been hoping.