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Testimonials And Reviews: An Overlooked SEO Tool

Testimonials And Reviews: An Overlooked SEO Tool

Testimonials And Reviews: An Overlooked SEO Tool

If you’re the owner or CEO of a Los Angeles-based company, then at some point you might have looked into retaining the services of an internet marketing agency. This usually happens when you don’t want to handle the minutia of an SEO campaign in-house. If you decide on this option, you’ll want to sit down with the agency you selected and have a look at the campaign they crafted for your company. Some of what they suggest might surprise you. For instance, several companies will mention the acquisition of reviews and testimonials as a way to boost SEO. It might be something that your in-house team overlooked, but there is significant value in having them on your site.

Testimonials and reviews are SEO tools you can use

Why Reviews and Testimonials Are Powerful SEO Tools


So, what is it about reviews and testimonials that makes them so useful, Los Angeles? Let’s start with the fact that the content they provide is both frequent and fresh. Assuming that you are regularly getting positive feedback on your website, that will inform the Google algorithm that your site is active, which is helpful for SEO. As we know, Google doesn’t like it when a site is stagnant for too long. When Google sees that your page has been updated with testimonials and reviews, it will send crawlers your way. Also, it’s highly likely that these testimonials will organically feature long-tail keywords for which those in your niche are searching. Feedback of this nature also makes your brand credible. The more people who say they love your services and products, the more likely you’ll attract new customers.


So, How Can You Get This Positive Feedback?


An internet marketing agency may have any number of strategies that they might employ to help you in this area. They might suggest that you use a referral plan. That would involve something like offering a ten percent discount for clients who refer their friends to your site. If you have email subscribers, you could offer to send them a discount code via social media in exchange for a positive review. For customers who have had a positive experience with the product, you can automate a post-purchasing plan, part of which is based around different incentives for a positive review or testimonial. Finally, you can create a digital release form for customers to sign indicating that you can use their testimonials on your site if they like your products.


All of these strategies, taken together, make it likely that your Los Angeles-area company will secure those reviews and testimonials it needs to help with SEO. Whether you are handling your SEO in-house or you are using an internet marketing agency, don’t neglect this aspect of marketing and site-building. It’s relatively inexpensive, but the benefits are many.