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The #1 Question that Clients Will Ask Los Angeles SEO Companies

The #1 Question that Clients Will Ask Los Angeles SEO Companies

The #1 Question that Clients Will Ask Los Angeles SEO Companies


SEO companies in Los Angeles will consistently hear one question from their clients, which is, “How long does it take for SEO to work?” People who are unfamiliar with search engine optimization practices will often expect a cut-and-dried timeline. However, this would be counterintuitive to real, lasting results. While SEO companies will consider non-competitive, relevant keywords in your campaign strategy, there are no guarantees with results. 

If anything, digital marketing, and especially SEO, is a continuous game where the rules are constantly changing. You must learn to adapt in order to succeed. While rankings are important, they are not the only piece of the puzzle that will profit a business. Generating conversions and leads is ultimately the goal that businesses should be trying to reach when utilizing SEO. However, the timeline from the start of an SEO campaign to its desired results will vary considerably between different businesses. Some of the elements that will affect this timeline are how long you’ve had your website, what content you have on your website, the link profile of the website, how much SEO you’ve utilized in the past, your campaign budget, and the competitive level of the keywords in your industry. 

Los Angeles SEO experts know that search engine optimization is a marathon, not a sprint. Every month, your progress must be evaluated and your strategy must be shifted. While most businesses will notice results within 4 to 6 months of the start of their campaign, these numbers will continue to rise over time as strategies improve. Proper search engine optimization takes dedication. When you find the right digital marketing company to manage your SEO, you will be able to successfully gain a worthwhile ROI.

The reason that SEO cannot deliver a consistent timeline for every business is that there are various factors that can affect an individual campaign. While, in the past, SEO campaigns may have been able to rely on a few keywords, this has drastically changed over the years. Generating traffic, leads, and sales on your website can depend on more specific, targeted niches. 

Online content has significantly increased over the years, which means that algorithms and bots have their hands full with sifting through irrelevant and duplicate content in order to display the right sites that will cater to a specific search. Successful SEO must learn how to navigate an oversaturated market and target the audience that will most likely appreciate the available products or services. 

Businesses within certain competitive industries will have an especially tough time with SEO, especially without hiring a digital marketing agency to streamline the process. More competitive markets require more strategy and patience before SEO starts generating consistent results. 

So, when a client asks an SEO company how long it will take for their campaign to work, the simple answer is: it depends. Most digital marketing companies can answer this question in more detail after going over some crucial data that pertains to a client’s individual business and their SEO goals. The bottom line is, ranking takes time. You should not expect your business to reach the top 10 pages of a Google search in less than a year.

While SEO does not offer instantaneous results, there are other methods of increasing visibility and generating conversions. PPC, social media, and other digital marketing tactics will serve to fill in the gaps as your SEO campaign grows and improves. With the right strategy and a dedicated digital marketing team, you’ll be on your way to growing a very successful business.