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The Best GIF Maker Apps And Websites For 2020

The Best GIF Maker Apps And Websites For 2020

The Best GIF Maker Apps And Websites For 2020


It may be surprising, but brands in Los Angeles use animated GIFs in their SEO marketing activities. From Nike to MailChimp, GIFs have made everyday marketing activities a world-renowned achievement-not only leading to better sales, but also increasing brand awareness.

The GIF has become an emotional currency for SEO marketing companies in Los Angeles. At the right time, the right GIF can fail in some way. What if you are unable to find the perfect GIF for your feelings? Well, why not create one yourself?

Whether you know the exact clip to extract from YouTube or you want to turn yourself into a GIF, many GIF makers can help you. In this guide, we started with the appropriately named and collected the best apps and websites for creating GIFs.

Website and desktop software

Take a look at the very clean and useful, a site that makes creating GIFs very easy.

First, paste the URL of the video you want to use as the base for your GIF. The site supports YouTube, Instagram, and Vine (or instead Vine Archive (R.I.P.)), and users can also upload their video files.

After selecting the source data, you will enter a simple editor. Use the timeline below the video to choose the frames to convert to GIF. Then, add titles, stickers, and some effects as needed. 

After finishing the adjustment, you can share the GIF with the world. You can use the URL provided or download the GIF to re-upload to another site.

Giphy’s GIF Maker

Giphy has been used as a search engine for GIFs because its library is endless. Giphy’s GIF Maker lets you create and share your creations at the same time, and is very easy to use.

You can source material from YouTube, Vimeo, or Giphy Links, and you can choose any part of the video to convert it to GIF. You can also add subtitles as needed.

Screen to GIF

With “Convert Screen to GIF,” you can select a part of the screen and record anything that happens in that particular area-or at least the idea. The software acts as a simple Windows application-making GIF creation easy. 

Start the program, and you will have some options. The first option is the Recorder, which allows you to select the area on the screen to be recorded. The second is a webcam that will enable you to log GIFs using your computer’s camera. Use the Board to record your graphics, and use the Editor to edit existing GIFs.

First, click Recorder, and you will see a window frame that you can resize to select the part of the screen you want.

Make it suitable for videos you want to turn into a GIF or screen area to record. Then when you are ready, click the “Record” button. Once you have the content you need, click Stop, and you will be taken to the editing screen.


If you want a more natural way to record part of the screen, you can use RecordIT. This simple application is located in the tray or menu bar, allowing you to start recording in just a few clicks.

After installation, click Record and select the area of ​​the screen you want to record. After the recording is complete, click the result notification to view the results online. From here, you can share your creation or download it for future use.

These sites are excellent for uploading URLs or capturing your camera footage/screenshots, but what if you already have an image folder to convert to GIF? is designed to help those people.

You can upload up to 2,000 image files (with a maximum size of 100MB) into online creators and turn them into your dream GIF. The tool allows you to adjust animation speed and frame order, as well as resize, optimize and set delay timers, and more.


Giphy Cam

If you want to be creative, Giphy Cam can turn annoying GIFs into artworks. Just hit records or import from camera rolls, add filters or effects when you’re done, and upload the results to any search engine, and your beautiful creations are everywhere.

iOS Android

GIF me

GIF Me is a simple and clear GIF-making application. This application enables you to record GIFs and share them with anyone quickly. You can also import previously taken videos or put some photos together to make a slideshow GIF.

The results can be easily shared, which makes it an excellent tool for creating GIFs on your phone. Available for iOS and Android.

Video to GIF Maker

If you want to save videos primarily on your phone, this iOS app must be your permanent companion. It can convert both android videos and iCloud videos to GIFs, or it can instantly convert newly captured videos along with any YouTube videos you might find.

When focusing on videos, you can also convert photos, including live and burst photos, and even animated text into giveaways if you want. The sharing options are also incredible, especially if you like posting to Facebook and Instagram.

These are some applications that can help you build your Gifs, which Gif works best for your SEO marketing website in Los Angeles? Tell us in the comments section below!