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The Importance Of Branding

The Importance Of Branding

The Importance Of Branding


It may sound like a major cliche, especially for massive companies that do nothing to promote their brand, but you should not underestimate the power of brand recognition. Suppose you have such a powerful tool and couple it with SEO services in Los Angeles, it can genuinely become a difference-maker not just on your company’s exposure but also in how people perceive it. So let’s find out how you can improve your company’s brand image and why it can help you going forward.



One of the essential reasons that make a brand crucial for companies is that it sets how a company should be perceived. Your image is critical to draw in much-needed clients and customers. Plus, if people recognize your brand immediately, it can make your products look more reliable than the average mom-and-pop shop. A recognizable brand can also do wonders in helping you separate yourself from the competition so that you stand out more. It also becomes more crucial once you become famous in public markets so that people can recognize you immediately.


Another aspect that branding can help you with is the value that it can provide for your company or business. To help you understand what that means precisely, let’s take a look at an example in the form of Coca-Cola. If you take the brand label away of Coca-Cola in a fountain drink selection, will people still choose it? The answer will most likely be no, as people may not find the drink attractive compared to competitors like Sprite and Pepsi. Some products created by a company are not as valuable without the boost of a recognizable and helpful brand. Struggling companies, like Gamestop, can only survive and stay relevant against their competitors because of their brand recognition. Another good example is the WWE. The WWE is one of the most valuable and profitable entertainment businesses in the world today. Is that because of their characters and stars? Unlikely. There hasn’t been any groundbreaking star since the inception of John Cena, and he’s been around so long that he’s in a state of semi-retirement. The company thrives because of its massive brand recognition, which it can leverage to get lucrative pay-per-view and TV deals. With a strong brand, there are many possibilities for you and your company. 


When you create a brand, you can’t just create the first thing that comes to mind, and this move will be inadequate for progressing your goals further. To make a brand that suits your style, you need to make sure that it relates to your company’s identity and its services as a whole. It needs to ooze in a manner that personifies you, which customers can connect without difficulty. Take Apple, for example. They take a literal meaning of creating a brand that defines them, and almost anyone can recognize it immediately. Even Nike’s logo, which looks like a simple dash, goes well in their promotions and gives a great look to many of the shoes they design. As long as you make them straightforward yet stylish enough to stand out, it is unlikely that you will fail. If you can make a brand that can accomplish that with the right words made possible through SEO services in Los Angeles, then you can display your identity in ways you might not have initially considered.


There may come a time where you might need to change up your brand’s style to keep it from going stale or getting out of style. Many companies have undergone these changes, including some of those mentioned above. However, you still need to have a form of consistency that stays true to the roots of the original design while improving upon it. This level of consistency is necessary so that you don’t confuse customers or clients that are loyal and appreciate your company which should reflect in your projects or other work. Making sure that they stay true to the themes of your company will also go a long way in maintaining the level of consistency needed. 

Spreading the Word

Those who appreciate your brands will inevitably talk about it with their peers and family, who will repeat this cycle in their social circles. This interaction allows you to become well known by people in local communities worldwide, thanks to social media. This method is how clothing brands have managed to establish such a presence in stores worldwide. Just ask such brands like GUCCI and Calvin Klein how they’ve achieved the level of success that they have gained. After all, if there were brands at the highest perceived level, it’s because of the attention they’ve gotten through social circles. Through these social circles, the value of the brands elevates more than the worth of the actual material of clothes. Such matters allow these companies to charge more money because they are worth the public’s value. 


Brand Value can make or break your company and it can separate you from the pack of competitors that either nip at your heels or try to push you down to stay ahead. This is the reason why SEO services in Los Angeles are crucial in staying ahead of such competition. If you truly understand what makes the brands tick, then this makes your job and the those helping you more attainable. If you’re a business owner who’s new and needs to get your brand recognized online, give Drive Traffic Media a call at (310) 310-4899.