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Tips To Improve Website Engagement

Tips To Improve Website Engagement

Tips To Improve Website Engagement


With the passage of time, the internet is overload with content. For every word or phrase you search on Google, you will find millions of results on a large number of pages. Every website strives hard to optimize information, and include all possible keywords relevant to their industry, to grasp the visitors’ attention. The SEO Los Angeles agency has been striving its best to help businesses achieve that. 

However, Google introduced an even more complex algorithm in ranking websites with these keywords. So the question is, how will you stand out in this competitive world of information flow? How will you optimize your website to be on the first page of Google search rankings? How will you optimize your content to get more of the visitors’ attention?

The following are some of the ways you can adopt to get even more of the users’ attention.

  • Optimize Information for Search Intent
  • Use Short Paragraphs instead of Long Stories
  • Use Images and Videos Instead of Text
  • Use Artificial Intelligence 

Optimize Information for Search Intent

One of the best things you can do to create engaging content is to organize them based on what the users are looking for. It must be on point and should be accurate. Avoid adding unnecessary extra stuff of no value that consumes your site visitors’ time. The more you will optimize your content, the more time your users will spend on the site which will ultimately help get you more exposure.

In the past, all that matters was writing two or three pages long content to get a good number of visitors on your site. But today, it’s very difficult to stand out in a crowd of millions of search results for every keyword due to the persistent algorithm updates that Google implements. 

While ranking on Google becomes more difficult everyday, it is important to stay up-to-date to be able to compete with your industry rivals.  

Google prioritizes website pages on the basis of how valuable they are for the visitors. One of the most important factors for organic search rankings on Google is Bounce Rate, which shows how much time your users spend on your website. How to decrease the bounce rate? Here are a few recommendations:

Use Short Paragraphs instead of Long Stories

Grasp users attention by writing engaging content. A large number of users typically do not prefer to read long paragraphs of 10 or 15 line even if the content has value.

SEO Los Angeles agency recommends breaking your content into categories to make it clean and straightforward. It helps visitors to read a great, engaging content without any distraction. 

It is one of the practices Google loves. Google promotes organized content because of its value and help to the users or readers.

Use Images and Videos Instead of Text

It is said that an image conveys a message 10 times better than text. Since humans are visual beings, placing images on content is the best way to get noticed by visitors. Using infographic is also a great way of making complex processes or information easy to understand. GIFs can also be incorporated in your content to make it engaging to the users or readers. 

However, videos are preferred instead of text and images. A video is considered as the best tool to stay ahead of the competition as it is the best marketing channel to promote your content. People usually prefer to browse YouTube instead of reading through Google search rankings. You can simply paste a link of YouTube on your site to make your content even more engaging.

In this busy life, no one wants to spend time searching and reading long paragraphs; therefore, an engaging video is always preferable.

Use Artificial Intelligence

Today AI has revolutionized the world. Computer science and the latest technology aims to teach the machines to ponder and think. Most of the businesses today try their best to incorporate artificial intelligence to their long term growth strategy. It enables organizations to help users and provide them with the best solutions in real-time. 

AI allows the achievement of user-intent with ease and flow. Even the customer support bots can predict what the users or visitors are going to ask. The integration of Artificial Intelligence into your website can help your visitors to perform actions as soon as they land on your website. 

They say it is hard, but I don’t believe it. The SEO Los Angeles company recommends that you stay up-to-date with Google’s algorithms that way, you can achieve both your long term and short term business goals. In today’s competitive world, your site will only stand out in a massive crowd of competitors if you follow the best practices mentioned above.