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Here Are Some Ways To Use Google Analytics For SEO

Here Are Some Ways To Use Google Analytics For SEO

Here Are Some Ways To Use Google Analytics For SEO

SEO basics are always good to know about, Los Angeles, and the same goes for the tools of the trade. Among those tools is Google Analytics, provided by the search engine to help websites figure out all sort of things about their pages and who is visiting them. You can rely on Google Analytics for help with your business website. Here are a few of the ways it can give you a valuable assist.


Comparison View and Average Time Spent On Page


When you’re running your site through Google Analytics, going to Comparison View and checking out Average Time Spent On Page can be a smart place to start. This will give you a comprehensive viewing of how much time users spent on each of your pages, and that will provide you with an indication of what those in your niche value. You can then produce more content that is similar to those popular pages. Make sure to take into account if one of your posts contains visual content like pictures or videos. Maybe those are more popular. If so, you can be sure to include more visual insertions in future posts.


Content and SEO


Los Angeles websites that marry valuable content and SEO are the ones that are going to get attention from the search engines. Another way that you can ensure the value of your content is by using the Behavior/Site Search/Search Terms feature on Google Analytics. This will reveal to you what your site users have been looking for in the search bar on your site. This is another way to see what interests your niche, but it also will show you what might be lacking on your website. If there is something for which people search a lot that is not featured prominently on your site, then you can fill in those gaps in your content.


The Google Ads Keyword Planner is helpful, but you should be more interested in getting inside the heads of your site visitors. Once you are armed with highly relevant search topics, you’ll know what sort of articles and blogs you should be writing. You can also improve on existing content by including those terms.


If you find that you don’t have the time or the energy to go through this process and write the content that results from the scrutiny of your site, then hire an internet marketing agency to do it, Los Angeles. It is precisely this sort of task in which they specialize.