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What are the Most Dreaded SEO Mistakes that You Must Avoid?

What are the Most Dreaded SEO Mistakes that You Must Avoid?

What are the Most Dreaded SEO Mistakes that You Must Avoid?


You might think that you’re well versed in SEO, Los Angeles companies, but no matter how much you learn, there is always going to be more. That’s because of the transitory nature of SEO, the way old practices fall out of fashion as new ones become commonplace. Even if you have been doing search engine optimization for years, there are still some ways that you can get tripped up as you try to get your website to climb the SERPs. Here are some blunders that you can avoid if you’re careful going forward.

Poor Internal Linking

Everyone that knows about SEO in Los Angeles knows that you need internal linking on your site, but what if it’s set up poorly? If that’s the case, then it’s going to do you more harm than good. Your internal links should provide clear pathways to your conversion pages, and they should spread authority to web pages that are deeper in your site.

Make sure that no webpage is more than two clicks from the homepage, or, failing that, a call-to-action landing page. You can also reassess the architecture of your website with fresh keyword research to begin organizing pages by topic. These actions will make your internal linking easier and more intuitive.

Unnecessary Content

You might have the idea that you need to add new content to your Los Angeles business website to “keep things fresh.” While it’s true that many SEO strategies involve not letting a site stagnate with no changes to it for weeks or months, you also shouldn’t add content that essentially serves no purpose.

When you add new content to your site, make sure that it is optimized for keywords, and that it’s not going to get you penalized with the Google web crawlers due to its not having any business being there. Yes, you want to add new content to your site often, but if that content is useless to you, it’s going to be more harmful than if you added nothing at all.

Faulty Link Building

You need both internal and external links to say you’re practicing good white hat SEO, Los Angeles. However, when you’re linking to external sources that are spammy or which aren’t relevant to your site, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

You can go to Hubspot for lists of industry statistics that apply to virtually any business. There, you can get tons of ideas as to websites that might be suitable for linking, and you’ll likely also get lots of blog ideas as well.

Being neglectful of particular strategies or implementing others incorrectly can be harmful to your site, and it’s easy for it to happen even if you think highly of your SEO skills, Los Angeles.

Don’t get cocky as you do your periodic due diligence for your site. Instead, go into it with the thought process that even if your site is functioning well, it can always do better. That attitude is how you remain consistently competitive within your niche and you don’t make unforced errors that might have been prevented if you were paying more attention.