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What Is Local SEO? And Why Does It Matter So Much?

What Is Local SEO? And Why Does It Matter So Much?

What Is Local SEO? And Why Does It Matter So Much?


You may have run into the term local SEO in some circles, Los Angeles, but how does it differ from regular SEO? Also, why does it matter for your business?


Local SEO means optimization of your website, social media feeds, email advertising, etc. that emphasizes your physical location.


For instance, if you’re a dog grooming facility in Palm Bay, Florida, then local SEO is going to mean using keywords on your website that Palm Bay residents will recognize. You might talk about some of the local activities and landmarks in the copy on your landing page and product pages.


You can also mention local events in your social media, again being sure to include keywords that are relevant to your locale. The same is going to be true for the emails you send out, the videos you create for your website and YouTube channel, and the pictures you take for your website and social media feeds.  


What Does It Do?


The essence of local SEO is that it is optimization which focuses on a particular place, rather than straightforward or “typical” SEO, which refers to the best standards and practices of optimization.


As for why it matters, Los Angeles, you need to think about how people search for things using Google and other search engines these days. Some of the most popular ways to look using search engines are by typing in phrases like “ice cream near me” or “best Italian restaurants near me.”


These types of searches are going to produce local results, and if you have a small business in the area that you’re trying to promote, you want to show up when people in your area use these terms.


It becomes more possible that you’ll get one of the top hits, though, if, in addition to using generic terms on your site having to do with your niche, you also use specific ones having to do with your geographic location. This makes it doubly likely that your business will hit the top of the SERPs.  


Local SEO is a way for you to demonstrate through your online presence that you are a part of a particular community, and you wish to be thought of in conjunction with them. That’s one of the best ways for you to compete with the more prominent competitors in your area, Los Angeles.


If you’re a small company, local SEO can be one of your best ways of competing with the industry giants.