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What Is RankBrain And How It Helps SEO

What Is RankBrain And How It Helps SEO

What Is RankBrain And How It Helps SEO


Los Angeles companies going into the year 2019 face some realities that could change the way they handle their website optimization and structuring.


If you’re in charge of one of these companies, and you’re hiring an SEO agency to avail yourself of their services, then you might be finding it hard to choose between them. Probably most of them say that they know how to run an ad campaign, set up social media accounts for your business, and build you a website. But perhaps the most critical question that you should be asking them is this: do they understand the way that RankBrain works, and how UX signals correspond to it?


What is RankBrain?


RankBrain is the algorithm that Google is currently using to rank websites, and understanding it is what is going to allow your Los Angeles business to grow and prosper.


Conversely, if you and your SEO agency don’t understand it, then the services that they provide you are not going to be sufficient to allow you to grab one of those coveted top spots. If you don’t secure one of those spots and your site is buried in the SERPs, then you’re going to get far less traffic.


This will lead to less social media engagement, few sales, and less brand visibility. It’s like a chain reaction. You need to keep RankBrain happy as it relates to your site, and that means knowing how it functions.


How It Works


RankBrain is a machine learning system. This means that it measures how internet users react to the search results that it gives them, and based off of that, it continually modifies them.  


Explained in that way, it sounds simple enough. When search results for a phrase, sentence, or keyword come up on the screen, a Los Angeles Google user is going to have some options, and if your website is among them, then they are going to click on it. What’s so critical is what happens afterward.


Dwell Time and Bounce Rate


If the searcher likes your landing page and sees that your site is indeed what they were looking for, then they will stay there. This is called dwell time. It refers to the amount of time that a person remains on your site. The opposite of this is the dreaded bounce rate. Bounce rate is when a person sees that a website is not to their liking, and they immediately bounce back to the search results to look for a different option.


What can be garnered from this? The agency that is responsible for your SEO services is going to have to make your landing page and content so stimulating that the people who arrive there will stay on your site and not bounce back to the search results. By doing so, RankBrain will see that your site interests people, and you’ll stay at the top of the SERPs. Then you’ll get sales, social media subscribers, and all that other good stuff.


It sounds easy, but the challenge lies in creating a landing page and other pages on your site that are so fascinating and fulfill the searcher’s needs so well that they won’t want to leave. How precisely an SEO company does that is entirely dependent on what kind of business it is that you’re running, and what you’re selling. Your website is going to look different based on your niche and who your customers are.


What you and whoever is providing your SEO services in Los Angeles must do is to get together and do some research to figure out how to optimize your site so that visitors will love it. By doing so, they will stay longer, you’ll satisfy RankBrain, and you’ll dominate your industry. If you fail to do these things, then you don’t stand much of a chance of being competitive.