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What's Next? 6 Basic Marketing Trends To Follow

What’s Next? 6 Basic Marketing Trends To Follow

What's Next? 6 Basic Marketing Trends To Follow


The internet has revolutionized the way we view and experience the world. Today, we use it for almost every purpose, from calling our loved ones to paying off our credit card bills.

Smartphones have changed the way we shop and do business. We use our phones to use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more to interact and socialize with people from all over the world.

From my experience, I can tell you that I would have never thought of smartphones to be my priority. I remember I thought Blackberry’s end to end messaging was a disease. Now I can spend hours browsing my Instagram feed. 

The same is true for businesses. Most companies were limited to operating in a store or office and can only rely on print or television advertising and local networks to attract customers. Today, however, the world is the oyster of any business. Digital marketing is a magic wand that makes it possible. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

It’s mid-2020, and we can see the significant impact of SEO on digital marketing services in Los Angeles. In terms of advertising alone, these eMarketer predictions show how Facebook and Google’s duopoly is dominating online paid media investment. However, offline media purchases are still crucial for many large brands.

Apart from SEO, here are some marketing trends in Los Angeles you must follow for a successful business the rest of the year:

Trend 1. Life Cycle Marketing

Although people often say “the funnel is dead” because consumers follow a non-linear journey, no matter what product or service you involved in marketing. In general, to grow your business, your main focus is to increase awareness, followed by increased customer leads.

Digitalization has also played a significant role in creating a unified customer experience. Still, digital marketing is not seen as a driver for increasing existing customer revenue because digital marketing can effectively achieve all of these goals, including retaining customers.

Trend 2. Conversational marketing

For me, it is the most exciting trend in the market today, combining the rapid consumer adoption of smart speakers with innovations in search query processing, dialog interfaces, and messaging.

Driven by the latest Gartner hype cycle and artificial intelligence, conversation marketing is considered a key innovation. As you can see, many of the technologies in terms of innovative triggers are not expected to become mainstream in 5 to 10 years.

Among those predictions that will become mainstream in the next 2 to 5 years, the three most essential aspects for marketers are personification, real-time, and conversational marketing.

Trend 3. Insight-Driven Marketing

Marketers today use analytics and insights to drive business performance and optimize digital marketing results.

Improving their data-driven marketing is the goal of many businesses that are the most necessary skills among digital marketers.

In terms of new customer acquisition, users who are proficient in customer analysis are 23 times more likely to outperform competitors than non-proficient users, and nine times more likely to surpass customer loyalty.

In addition to the advances in customer analytics supported by CDP as described in the next section, new Voice of Customer (VoC) technologies (such as online hosted customer communities) can also improve customer preferences for future products and delivery methods

Trend 4. Marketing Technology

Today, companies provide many software service options for businesses looking to improve their digital media, experience, and support data management.

If your business and agents use the right tools, they can help you stand out from the competition, but if you don’t, you may miss the insights and automated processes they are using.

Trend 5. Consumer privacy and KYC

Repeated privacy breaches at Facebook, Google, and other platforms that have led to other customer information leaks show consumers that online brand data is not as secure as we previously thought.

Privacy regulations such as GDPR have been enacted to improve data privacy by increasing fines.

Emerging technologies may help address these two challenges. New “identity management” or “know your customers” solutions are being developed that can both improve security, reduce fraud, and increase customer awareness across multiple devices.

Multi-platform consent solutions such as Sourcepoint and Identity and access management integration solutions such as Auth0 and OneIdentity will be more widely adopted. In AdTech, new solutions must be found to address the advertising targeting restrictions of Google and Apple.

Trend 6: Digital Transformation and Marketing Transformation

Our research on managing digital marketing reveals many of the challenges faced by companies today in conducting digital marketing. Issues include a lack of focus on integration strategies, testing, optimization, and structural problems, such as teams working on silos or lacking integrated communications skills.

To address these types of issues and take full advantage of the opportunities to grow their business through digital marketing, many companies now have digital transformation plans.

These are some of the marketing trends you have to follow; please tell us which SEO marketing service trends you follow right now for your business in Los Angeles?